Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Belanja Makan

Wah,our blog nearly gt 1000 visitors liao!Very happy lo...thank you everyone hu keep visiting n support us...Duno hu say dis blog is dying wor??Haha,alrite,now total visitors are 994,frens please notice dat u r the 1000 and 1001 visitors or not.if u r,pls write down in the cbox.Thanks.I wil belanja u all makan.haha.O think Yan Yi n Jeffrey oso wil belanja,rite?Thank you for supporting!!


What a very unlucky day.

today reali very unlucky laa...ask Yan Yi see.The 1st period I kena d.Cik Rozihan keep saying me very noisy.Nevermind, I very berfikiran terbuka punya.Then,she ask me y am I keep shifting place,actually dat time is Yan Yi request to back to our own seat wan.Yan Yi oso say me 2day very unlucky.When the English period feel damn sad.Den the second thing was Pn Hazura period.I juz stand up n go n gt my Geo projek back,den I kena scold by her.Nevermind,she was in the bad mood.And I found out dat our very secret 'manual MSN', dats mean communicate via paper,had been intercepted by somebody.I oso whether is they go n dig Yan Yi's drawer or he handed to them.Nevermind,I put my trust on Yan Yi.

Den cm Shinobi, when trainning, my foot stepped by Nee Girl Nigel Chan.Damn pain u noe!!When the time he stepped on my toes,my toes suddenly no feeling at all,lucky now still can function well.And then Nigel said:'How come almost very week I must hurt u once?'.Oh my God!Nigel,I dun wish u hurt me next week.Do u mean dat u wan whacked me at least once in a week?If u wan to sparing,find Jeffrey,not me,thank you.

After Shinobi end,I rushed to my car (actually is my father's car),coz nid to send my elder brother to LRT station.He is going back toPenang n prepare to go study in UK.When I arrive home,I take off my skul uniform to wash,then I realize dat my white shirt is gone!Wah,duno hu steal it,n whoever see it,please send it back to me.Thank you.After taken my bath,I wan to change back to my white specs (For ur information,I change my specs to old wan when trainning,or not sure broken by Nigel wan,haha),then,it is gone too!!!I nearly pengsan dat time,thought 2day was the end of the world.I dun wish 2day is the end of the world la,I wanna to meet my frens 2molo ma,especially Yan Yi n...

So, 2day was the most unlucky day I ever had in skul days...and 1 thing damn hurt and sad,reali hurt.haha.somewan ask me to express my feeling ma,dun act in fron of her/him wor...

Matthew~Pington~sad n unlucky