Monday, 12 December 2011


Hahaha~today was quite a meaningful day to me. I really spent some quality time with NJ. I got my first scholarship offer of my life. Yeah. I maybe not taking it, but it is a success!

At Jing's castle we created our MNJ blog.XD And it strikes 91 pageviews up to now.Haha. Just like grand opening of a store, we get supports from all of you. Thank you so much. Hope that from today onwards, more and more people will visit us. Do sound like starting a business right. However, we will only post about the events we attend, involve and laugh together, our own respective blogs are still working.

This is the blog address :

In fact this blog is actually a combined blog too. Jeffrey, Yan Yi and Matthew the so called 3Musketeerz founded this site but they leave Matty to manage it, the other two are just put their names.It doesn't matter anyway.=)

Suddenly found this song, i think it will lift your spirit when you hear this.XD