Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Woo Hoo!

Remember last time I failed to apply for Adsense?Neri laughed and said she wondered why I was rejected. And the reason Google gave was what my blog template, designs, posts bla bla bla not qualified.

I put it away and this holidays, out of boredom I resubmit the application.1 day later I got it. =.=

SO, THAT'S IT!!nehhh, the right bar there, I sacrifice the strategic location, which I used to put the maximum size of my photo so everytime you step in here you can see my charming face that enlighten your day.XD hahaha.

You may ask why I join this programme, of cause is Wa Bo Lui, Ngor Mou Qin ah.No no no, more precisely, Qian Bu Gou Yong. However, the bigger objective is, to discover 'selok belok perniagaan' as in the guy in our Form4 novel Azfa Hanani. The difference is he sells burger and I chose the easier way. =) Anyway I think this can hardly earn since Ah Jing had told me before her brother refraining her from clicking.haha.XD

Okay, enough. Actually I am just having fun lah, seeing every blog I visit has this gadget, so I decided to try it. Lame reason right? I discover that it is a much more compliacted system than I thought. So many steps to manage it and I learn from zero, just like 3 years ago I learnt to start up blogger. The bright side is I can use my entire holidays to explore more about it instead of dying of boredom. YeAH!

Finally, since the gadget is already there, just click it larh, although you might hate it because my photo is being pushed down and you can't see it in the first place. HAhaHA. Thank You very much ya.

P.S. I notice that all the advertisements are either in Chinese or something about chidlish games. Does it because this blog is full of childish contents? -___-