Thursday, 2 February 2012


Nahh! This is the full version of the short clip!

My part is reduced to a few only, and got one screen I was walking from right to left, my head faced the other direction. Can you recognise it was I?Haha, too bad, my big head had blocked You Jing completely from view.XP

It was a nice experience and a priviledge to take part in this short clip.

However, I think they didn't put in the toilet-bombing part in the short clip, which was a 'trend' in their times. And you see 2 guys were punished to stretch their arms straight with Paus in hands, Mr. Ho said he really punished that 2 guys with the same way 10 years ago. That kind of punishment was carried out only once due to the boys bought Paus from the canteen for the girls in class after recess. Haha. The price for being gentlemen.Erm, I think I did buy bread for a girl from canteen after recess time too, or I accompanied her to canteen during lessons, or both. Haha. But normally I asked girls like Rou Yi ah, Yan Fen ah, Fish ah to buy back for me.XD Let them be the gentlewomen. Err, that girl, I am sure she is not that special girl who comes across in your mind. I don't feel like disclosing who she is here due to some reasons, I feel uneasy to do that. She aka dead rope. Got it?XD

Alright, what exciting and unforgettable memories we had, to be recalled after 10 years?If I am to direct a video clip like this, I will include the craziest things I was involved with. We did not bomb the toilets, but we made smoke bombs in the science lab. We were not punished or caught by the authorities,even though we ponteng sekolah and just like that *proud. Haha.

So let's do it!!

Back from the library, after 3rd of December.