Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shea Yee's Birthday

Yesterday was Shea Yee's birthday. =.=

Hui Wen and I made a chocalate chess cake for her at my place...

We scared the cake would fail, although at 1st it corrupted, my mother managed to mend it.

We heard many opposing voices when baking the cake.It was like the entire family, the whole world is saying no. However, we continue to move on.XD

We were pleased that we could put a real and undamaged cake in front of Shea Yee. I expect tears, but no ... ... ... ...

At Apex Coffee shop, she cut the cake. We tried it.Not bad. Hui Wen keep asking ppl to give comment.Next move, she want to open a bakery. When we sang birthday song, the apex play the song too.Everyone was looking at us man!!

SuMei, Shea Yee, Jamine and Hui Wen.

The Chocalate Cheese Cake for Shea Yee.

Sorry ya Hui Wen, your big head is not in the video.XD