Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Last Tuesday of 2010

hiak hiak hiak!

So today is the last tuesday of this wonderful year.

According to the news, today will be no water supply to the entire Penang region huh, some people still escape to Taiping lol.

My mother advised me to fill up my water tumbler last night for today, my daddy asked me to wake up early in the morning before 7am to take bath. There would be 12 hours without water supply in our area.

Well, I did as what my parents ordered since I am a very good and obedient kid.

The alarm clock rang at 6am, I was half way in my dream, I just turned off it with one swift movement of my hand.

I remembered I was still walking in the pathway in my dream, suddenly a thought from the real world struck me : Matthew you are supposed to wake up and take bath NOW!

This kind of scenario always happen on me in the morning, I was still dreaming, but another voice will ask me to do something else. I have been researching this kind of ability and phenomena with Jingxue, who has similar experience and interest in dreams.

We always chat and exchange dreaming experience at school, and we plan to write a book about our experiences and researches. After that, we will make the sequel of Inception.hahaha.

okay okay!want more information about this?Wait for our book to publish with high anticipation ba.Can't reveal much here.

So I just jumped up from my bed and grab a look at my clock. Mama Mia!It's 6.50am!

I rushed into bathroom, thinking the government won't be so punctual.

I started my breakfast at 7.30am, hastely finished them so I could wash my hands before the water stop flowing from pipes.

Well, there's still got water supply around 11am, I wondered why. I am sure today is not April Fool.

My daddy told me :"Maybe it's because we are living in Condominium, so there is a water tank for storage..."


I woke up so early................