Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Two O One Four

From one point of view, this transition have never been so fruitful and exciting to me. I thought woe to me this time I had to stay in church for thanksgiving and watch night services. In other words, counting down to the new year in church, without friends. Since I attended the first time I have been finding excuses to skip the church services, either celebrate with friends or rather go to bed early. Ya, you got it right, it is going to be real bored spending such rare occasion on the church bench.

I decided to attend because I couldn't find any good excuses and I was guilty of skipping for several years. On top of that I didn't have the one as company to count down together with me in this so called sweet 1314 transition. Things changed when Clarence told me he would be fetching Angie Loh there. I was like, W-H-A-T? Why on earth would Angie Loh attend? And why watch night service. This was going to be interesting.

Okay, this wasn't her first time to church yet she asked some questions which to us were like why-you-have-two-hands. Thank God the more mature brother in church provided satisfactory answers. And just because Clarence, Amos and Yun Sheng those KDU students were busy with their own stuff and Angie idled with me around in the church, all the aunties and uncles thought we were a couple. Unsurprisingly, my mum was the first to pull me aside and bombard me with questions. "She was your student last time, don't you remember?" I replied in a good manner, not sure if I answered her questions. Everyone thought I brought her to church. My Youth Fellowship friends thrown at me we-suspected-you-have-a-girlfriend-so-here-she-is-huh kind of faces. Come on, my girlfriend would definitely be more gorgeous, if there is one. (Alright Angie if you are reading this line, just want to tell you from my heart you are very pretty as well, some aunties agree with me.)

Sorry Angie that we were so peaceful and chill when the clock hit twelve. We couldn't do much in the church right. Anyway, we went to auto city after the services, where we proceeded to mamak because the restaurants were closed. From there we had a list of our firsts of the year 2014.

First meal of the year, roti kosong with limau ais.
First ride of the year, blue CRV.
First place of the year, Grace Church.
First breath of the year, air.
First mission of the year, waking up Amos.
First mission accomplished of the year, waking up Amos.

My new year's eve was just so fun. Four of us planned to skip the watch night service this year end and find a place to celebrate.

Reached home at 2.30am, knowing well we had the Leader's Retreat to attend at 10.00am back in church.

Ohya, Happy New Year 2014!!