Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance

Have you ever made a deal with someone? I am sure you did. Was it a successful deal?What is the most successful deal you ever made? You made the deal with who?Making deal with someone means both parties come to an agreement on something, normally it is beneficial for both.

How about making a deal with Satan? It sounds crazy right. If you happened to have the chance, will you sign it? I think you don't need a PhD to know eventually you will lose if you make a deal with the devil. It is pretty dangerous.

I watched the first Ghost Rider before but hardly remember the plot. All I knew before go in the cinema was the film talks about a guy who rides on a flaming bike ( of course he is burnt himself ).

Johnny Blaze ( Nicholas Cage ) was at the lowest point of his life, his father was dying. At this time Satan came to him and offer him a deal - his father would not die but he will become Ghost Rider. He signed. He is lending out his body for Satan. So when Satan gets into him, he will transform into Ghost Rider. He will kill and seek souls of the people who have sinned.

He won't die, and whatever vehicles he uses, at last it will transfom into a motorcycle. In the cinema, Soo Hou blurted out : " How about, a train? " We laughed, imagining Ghost Rider drives a flaming train.

I personally found this film a little bit evil. It also involves Christianity and Satan, but it doesn't give a nice picture of it. Somehow it will mislead the audience towards Christianity. It is hard to clarify here.

The director tries to add some humour into the film, perharps to cheer up the mood of the film. Got one part a little boy asked Johnny : " What if you want to urinate when you are a ghost rider?" He answered : " It will be flame too." So the boy imagines in his own mind when ghost rider urinates flame, spilling left and right just like what a firefighter will do with a horse. You will definitely laugh when you watch it. =D

Ohya, back to the movie plot. Johnny regreted that he signed the deal. He tried to control and ran away from it. He agreed to help a person in return he will gain back his freedom. He completed his mission ( find the boy and bring it to the person ) and was ready to start his new life, but he was forced to turn into Ghost Rider once again in order to save the boy.

In fact, the demon who possesses Johnny was an angel who was sent to protect mankind. However, the angel was captured by the Satan and became a spirit of vengeance. At last, Johnny could feel the spirit of vengeance is back to the angel again. His red flame turns to blue flame ( more environmental friendly ). The Satan regrets his deal with him.

Besides the blue flame, another lesson I learnt is plastic cannot decay. A character with the power of decay is created by the Satan to fight against Ghost Ride. Whatever natural things he touched, like food, wood and so on, would decay into dust. Hence, he couldn't satisfy his lust for food. What he did was eating something with a plastic bag.XD