Monday, 27 July 2009

Home Sweet Home

yeah~my brother has been back for 1 week.Last Monday he arrived at Bayan Lepas airport at 5.30pm.

Well,he looks a lot whiter,rather skinny.And I nearly grow taller than him now.XD We are so happy that he finally comes back to Malaysia after gratuated from England with result of mechanical engineering second honour lower degree.

One more thing is, he brings a lot of things back from there.XD I seem like the one who benifited most. He bought me a pair of Lacoste shoes, a sony ericsson W980i , a collection magic wand of Harry Potter and many more.

Although we are fans of Liverpool,he said he often pay a visit to Old Trafford during there,because he stayed on Manchester. Old Trafford is a lot much bigger than Anfield. So, I have some souvenirs of MU too.

He only been at Anfield for a time or two.He bought a keychain with my name under the liverpool's badge from the stadium's store.And of course, a red jersey of Liverpool,numbered 8 of Gerrard. I am so pleased and happy of that.Muahahahahaha~Last time,I have no proof for I am a Liverpool Supporter besides mentioning by mouth,even no a single stuff that have LFC sign on it. He also bought another England Jersey of Gerrard too.

we have missed him for nearly a year. The feeling of having him here with us all the time is great. But soon he will go out for jobs d T.T can't aways fooling around with me d.

speaking of fooling people,Yanyi is still the best partner of mine.XD wakakaka

Duno Yanyi's skill has improved anot.As a sifu of him,long time never promote him d.haha~

Test for Yanyi, a simple one :Drive the lion king mad and trick him til IT becomes LAME.Watch out,dun let ppl say u mendera haiwan.XD

Matthew~Yanyi, stop nerding,have a break,have a kitkat.

Friday, 24 July 2009


Yesterday,those prefects of my skul rushed in and held a spot check for socks.For your infomation i sit at the first column, a form 3 just-become-officially-prefect straight away walked towards me.It took me a couple of minutes to realize that she was standing beside me and was jolting down my name. After then,she requested me to sign it.with an excitement of got people asked for my signature,I SIGNED IT like i m a big football star.When I looked satisfactorily upon my perfect signature,I felt something wrong.When i was awaken from my hallucination of fame,she uttered thankyou with a cunning tone n walked away.My 3 points gone.

Okay~mind you,my socks are definitely not ankle socks,and i would kindly to inform u that my socks are the highest in my class( not in skul,got people wear football socks to skul XD)normally,but that time mine became the lowest,becoz they quickly pulled their socks up.

I consulted to my others prefect frens,they were shocked that i was kena.They told me that she is known of her strictness,how good if she became our police nex time.

Well,naturally,all of my prefect frens knew that i was deducted 3 points.but today i received a gud news from one of them,they indeed saw my name on the list,but someone had terminated it.XD

what that means?That means my 3 points coming bk.XD

wonder which prefect was helping me.Maybe the prefect like me too much.wakakakakaaka~too perasan d ya?


Sunday, 19 July 2009

I saw Sensei James Lee in Newspaper!!

Really,I am sure is him!!

If you duno hu is Sensei Jame Lee...he is the sensei of shinobi club in can meet him on every tuesday 2.30 to 4.30( If they din change the time).well, He is quite handsome,and u'll never think of he is Sensei if he din wear on his uniform.He is juz so so friendly,owys put a big wide smile on his face.

ok~wads he doing in the newspaper?the sinchewjitpoh of 19/7,the sunday special section interviewed him.The article is like introduce shinobi to the readers.The title is :Ninjutsu, is not mysterious at all.I think that time they were in central park.Sensei also taught some tricks to out run burglars.

On the page,sensei was holding a boken(wooden sword) above his head,like ready to strike.And his partner is another black belt red-headed guy.

By the way my brother Mark will be back tomorrow!!!!he will be arrived at Bayan Lepas International airport at about 4.45 pm.Too bad that time I will be in tuition class.

Still remember laz year,I made a trip back to Penang from PJ to farewell to my brother.Before i departed from PJ,Jeff kena scolded by cik chong over this matter.XD and Jeff sure still rmb about this.Wad exactly happen u can ask jeffrey for details...


Friday, 17 July 2009

Busy huh?

It's Friday night again!!since tomorrow is Saturday,I knew today is friday =.=

Actually tomorrow has no skul activity wan,laz week the Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum said d: Form 3 and Form 5 no need to attend koko d and stay at home to focus on PMR and SPM.But...I need to go to skul at 12.30pm to arrange chairs-.-

Every clubs and societies in our skul have its own duty during skul function.I think the main objective is emphasize the spirit of gotong-royong.haha~KRS in our skul is responsible for chairs-arranging I think.If there got any function need to provide chairs for audience, it is our job. However, we are considered very lucky because,those Karates need to clean the toilet for visitors,before and after.XD

It seems like these few days everyone is so busy.I do try to be busy too.Jeffrey is so busy,and YanYi is not so free too.Friends around me started to do their revisions,prepare for PMR d.Even Soo Yeng has started her preparation a few weeks ago.She told me while we were chatting,and the time is almost 12.

Frankly, I haven started my revision,I duno wad I m doing now,everyday juz idling around.But I do read books,like Angel And Demons,Deception Point by Dan Brown. I juz borrowed a book,a non fiction wan,titled 1421 The Year Chinese Discovered America. I think it is quite famous a few years ago.

By the way my brother will be back on nex monday.His flight will arrive at 5.00pm,which is too bad,I have tuition class until 4.40 T.T Impossible for me to get to the tol,cross penang bridge,rush to the airport in 20 minutes time.

And,Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince has been rolled out on laz Wednesday!!Will be watching with my bro I think.XD


LAme JoKe 15

A woman was telling her friend,

"It is I who made my husband a millionaire."

"And what was he before you married him?" Asked the friend.

The woman replied,

"A billionaire."

Monday, 13 July 2009

Why teachers need that one month holiday while we don't‏

Now we know the reason….cuz they are so stressed out by our kids! Why?? Read below the essays to know.I really sympathize with this teacher….

A1 english essay... ...P.S. this is not my paper!!XD

I wonder why the teaher marked him wrong.

Orh~it is logically correct.

Actually I also duno what equation is this.But u can see it clearly that the student understand it...

...Genius of Math...

These also pick from the net. After reading these...I found that my math is extremely good,even great!hahaha~when your parents scold you because you get 60 for maths,show these to them,they will appreciate how clever are you.wakakaka...

YanYI and Jeffrey!!I think we have encounter ppl hu are lamer than us d...'One will lamer than another'...but we are still lAmE!

Eight more days! I brother in UK studying abroad is coming back soon!!Hooray~long time never see him d.XD Laz saturday just video called with him juz now,bad news oh.Bad things duh.To my brother,I feel sorry to you for being scolded by mum.Dun Cry.
Hey,Jeffrey and Yanyi still have no updates.If this still continues,I will use deadly force--Saman you 1000bucks.XD dead enuff?
Matthew~LOL!Laugh Out Loud!!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Happy Birthday to The 3Musketeerz!!!!

yay!Happy Birthday to the 3Musketeerz!A year ago,we started this blog.If not mistaken...I was the one who blog the 1st post.XD Then Jeffrey and Yanyi scolded me because they said those posts were very emo-ish. That time Keng Han already noe n visited this blog.Of coz that time he hadnt start to spam.Later on,he transformed to different kind of Names.Continue to spam.but no one want to bother him.His plan to seek attention totally backfired.Musketeerz are very kind and helpful.We dunwan his heart to be broken.So I juz argue with him like you wat u saw at the cbox beside.Den,recently he transform to Alien.And we musketeerz juz be kind to humans,not aliens.So...we chase him out of Musketeerz 8stars residence.

Hold on!wat for we talked so much abt him on our 1st birthday?Stop saying him.Our life for the past one year is recorded and remembered in this blog.We created this blog,the objective of coz is to tell our interesting,fanstatic and lAmE stories to all our readers and supporters.Here I take the opportunity to thank those hu support our blog,we may not here name.Next time please leave some comments and indulge yourself in the cbox.We welcome you to interact wif us.But for the case for Alien( Keng Han again!),we dun wan you to return.Also never forget to think Soo Yeng.XD she was n is n will be the one hu urge us to update our post,motivate us to post,and of coz the biggest supporter of ours.XD thank you.Soo Yeng oso was the 1001 visitors of our blog laz time.I rmb got someone hu was the 1000,pls claim ur prize from Jeffrey.muahahaha.

Jeffrey and Yanyi,seems like u two never blog for duno how many thousand years d.Post la~today is our birthday leh.Yesterday Malam Bakat,sure got something to post wan.XD and how many people you have tricked ytd?Jeffrey ar,ur head still got the white feather anot?hahahaha

kay,here we announced the biodata of this blog.

D.O.B :11/7/2008
Bloggers :The 3musketeerz
Creator :JeffreyXD
1st post by :Me!!
Blog Achievements :137 posts (til ytd) 104 for 2008 and 33 for 2009.
Visits : 788 (til ytd)
Highest visits per day:30
What make us proud:
many says our blog is lame n breath-taking (laugh til cannot breathe).However,nothing can make us happier than our blog has attracted extraterrestrial life,another word ALIENS!!Sadly,due to communication problem,we duno where IT came from.IT juz keep mumbling some weird symbols.But I think the symbols in Transformers are much cooler.XD

Source:the 3musketeerz information centre.


We have being lame for one year!!And we will continue to be lame!

Musketeerz lame.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Why Boys need Parents

This is for those mothers of boys, sisters of boys, and boys that have grown older. And anyone else who needs a laugh.

Why boys need parents...

...I did it before...

Naugthy Kid!

Whats in there?

~ Cool ~

Nice costume ya.XD

... Wow ...

He is starving, I think.


...We learnt a new trick...


A child that never studied Science Form 3 Chapter 8.

Probably he thought that was a pool.

3musketeerz private moments... ...

... so cute ...

"Nice try dude!!"


I got all this pictures from circulating mails long time ago.Maybe you have watched before, laugh one more time then.XD
Matthew~Laugh Laugh Laugh

Thursday, 2 July 2009

9 days to go

Yeah!!!9 more days to go.XD Do you know what I mean?Another 9 days will be our very 1st anniversary.Yes!!A year ago the 3Musketeerz was formed.

So...we invite all of you, our fellow friends, to celebrate this special day. Our party is open to everyone in this world, even aliens welcome too(for the 1st time,he is welcomed,but we emphasize just for this day!!)!

If you can't attend to this party, our blog will be exclusive live broadcasting video and updates from the party for you.XD So, wait for this day with anticipation. wakaka~

Matthew~the day just around the corner.

P.S. the party will be held by staring at our 3musketeerz blog page for long hours.XD you are encouraged to bring some popcorns and drinks with you in front of your laptop.Have fun~muahahaha