Friday, 5 February 2010

A day Before Merentas Desa

Tomorrow will be my school annual merentas desa.It should be called merentas bandar.-______-

I have to duty tomorrow, so no need to participate the marathon. Before every sports event of my school, we will do the preparations like building up tents, check tracks and all.

We started to build the biggest tent in our school. We took 2 hours under the hot sun and finally something was erected on the field.

Unfortunately, last night had a downpour. Big rain drops hit the tent hard and the wind blew fiercely. The tent was found collapsed this morning when we reached school.T.T

ARGHHH!First time I met this situation, club image gone, students watching from up floors when we went to examine it.

Headmaster permitted us to continue to work on it and build it up again. For this, I skipped six periods.=)

Let's pray that today won't rain anymore.XD