Saturday, 23 May 2009

Exam Week Has Already Started

Yesterday I just finished my Malay and Geography paper. I think I did it quite well.

Next week, I will sit for the rest of the subjects.Yesterday,I received a good news (perharps xD) when chatting with Yanyi.Dun worry,I will shut upXD.Sorry ar Yanyi,oways late reply(searching tips for exam), but I better than Jeffrey rite?He din even reply.haha~

I will confirm to u a few days later about the time I will reach your house.Looking forward to see what you have planned for me,for our holidays.XD Maybe we can gather at your house to play UNO or have a BBQ at the pool side.wakakaka

Well,I think is time to study.Hope to see you soon.

Matthew~Give anything but not give up.