Friday, 15 August 2008

Last day of the term

Last day liao ar~~so excited.Although yesterday decided to take revenge,but seem they scared us d n have learnt a lesson,we do nothing on them.well,when reached school,Yan Yi n I merayau-rayau n suddenly saw an aircraft like burning rushing down.We thought wat happen.Yan Yi said was the sun,but I said was UFO,Aaron even cant see it.

Next,we all beratur di tapak perhimpunan to celebrate wat kemerdekaan.But today,for Chinese,erm....u noe wat day is Chinese calendar 15 of July la.And,we suddenly saw dat is hope for Malaysia d.When singing all three 1 gang,penuh semangat.Ha,sang until teacher oso interested at n wan them to calm down a bit...Then cm the penyajak wif tradisonal clothes.Wao,i think he is more like scolding + screaming + shouting more than menyampai sajak.

After we went in class.Yan Yi n I built up road block or tol plaza.But the passer-by destroy the tol instead of touch-n-go or using SmartTAG.Then I sit on 3 chairs while Yan Yi sit on 2 chairs.the kesan is,I am the tallest n Yi is second tallest while sitting in the class.But Pn Jothi seem lik no ntg ab dis although she moved around us.

Here cm recess.the most excited part.For ur infomation,Geng Han is very scared of ghosts.When he went in toilet,we threw a piece of paper the one he was in.We made some red spot on the paper n desperate Geng Han will shout for that.XD^.^As I yesterday promised,we will sneak into our class without spotted by the two pengawas.Proudly to say that we succeed to do so!!Not once,but twice in a row.we ran a big round n cm from tempat rehat n ran into class thru front door.the 1st time,both pengawas were nt there.So,we cm out n greet them n tell them we will do again.for the 2nd time,they still cant spotted us.

I duno Yi ting n Wen qi told what to Yin.Mayb they change the story.Or they told her something wat I had said...nvm...I dun care.Happy Holidayz to all of u...


Instructor of Apple Pie