Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Room Tidy Up

According to my planner I am supposed to tidy up my room today, but thank God it doesn't state there I must clean it thoroughly.Hehe.I know many of you have done it right after SPM, clearing the books off the racks and some of you may even release your craziness by burning it. My advice is here is Penang, Go Green ya.

In fact, I really have no idea where to start. I think I have already well adapted to the messy environment.XD Nearly a month I have been surrounded by books and papers. I am afraid after I clean it I may not get used to the cleaner environment.Haha.

I decided to start with clothes. My grandma sent me many packets of clothes from my old house. I just stacked them up at the corner of my room.

The books and papers!Where should be their second home is a problem too. I don't want to send some nice useful stuffs to the orphanage, so I force my sister to foster them.XD

After a wholeday doing the rough chores, all done!And well done!




Nice right? Yeah, it is visibly nice at a glance.=)

But how about the drawers?


Some tiny things all I throw into the drawers and cupboards to hide them from my view.

Like I said :"整理,是一个持续不断的过程。", "Tidying is a routine process." I can't finish all in one day. I will deal with the drawers another day.Yeah~another day.

Ohya, THANK YOU MY DEAR UNCLE FEE. He loves me so much since I was a kid. I can still remember he always put me on his neck when I was 3 or 4.=) I think I will probably break his neck if he try to do the same thing again.Haha. Well, when he travelled to USA last week he bought me the first Skechers of my life. It's the latest model. He bought the first pair with orignal price but second pair half price. It is US$70 but the price here is about RM400 according to him.It is cheap compared to the price here.THANK YOU VERY MUCH UNCLE.XD

I like the colour and design.=)

There is a 'S' there.=D

My grandma asks me to keep it until next Chinese New Year. Haha. I will rather take it as Christmas gift.XD