Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Year after I shifted back to Penang

Yesterday was the day that I came bec for a year,or more precisely on 29th of November -___-

Time does fly.It's just happened so fast. Time escaped from my hand before I can grab them. Calendar turned month by month.Soon enough will be Christmas.Then, we will celebrate New Year again. 2 years later will be the end of the world (according to a movie which is so hot recently).

The feeling and experience when I was in BU4 is like so far from me now... ...it is so much different with the hectic life here.

I have adapted the living style and environment here like everytime I move to a new place. Friends here, people here, teachers here and society. They are all different from there besides having the same two ears,two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Like every year end holidays since 2006, I will be on the moveXD

From Penang to Johor to PJ and to Penang, this year I will be moving to a new house.hahaa~

I lose the chance to move out of state, so I move to a new house instead. =]

What's my new address?You can go around the neighbourhood and knock the doors one by one.

Isn't too early for Christmas?

Merry Christmas then!