Monday, 14 July 2008


fine i give up. i dont want to post anything more. i post and remove the same post. haiz. forget it.


Normal day...normal duties.....normal conversationz XD shud i start ya...........

errrr letz c.................

NORMAL DAY~~ errr...

Yaps normal day in kantin during recess.....

AND YAR!!! normal things i usually do, say hi to sheng hao , start chatting wif him

Den like usual...he gossips bout me so err like USUAL la, i explain everything AGAIN -.-

So sum1 came to me n spilled a realli realli "special" maths question. (i think itz maths??izzit??)

An aquarium has 20cm3 of water and has 4 fishes inside.
After 1 week, sheng hao killed 1 of the fishes......(datz cruel XD)
The volume of water in the aquarium is now 30cm3.

So here the question.....WHY DOES THE WATER RISE!!!

Err it took me like 5 minz to giv about 5 answerz , so ya 1 min 1 ans =P

dam lotz of crap tday....hehe hopefully those who read this blog like ketamz larr =)

So heres the answer......

Here it comezz......

R u ready????

COZ THE 3 OTHER FISHES CRIED!!! (well at least now i noe fishes cry dat much -.-''' 10cm3 le)

I noe itz lame but better den sum people who like to act cool n insult people maybe even smoke or act all high n mighty , u get wat i mean right??

okok...letz go on to the story in kantin.

So sheng hao told another 2 jokez~~

Well itz kinda...errmmm sensitive * in case u dun get my point, a buddha playing chess wif jesus , n err 3 people going into the jungle and get hunted by a hunter, still dun get it?? ASK SHENG HAO!!

Itz Kept As A Secret In My memories....
want to noe???

well if u didint notice im happy to be myself lolx ^^

Either wayz, thx for wasting ur time on my post...... hope u liked it.... oh if u hate it u dun let me noe ya XD XD XD

Jeffrey~ ;P