Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

It has been quite a long time since I wrote about a movie. This movie is about the love story between two pernicious cancer patients. Frankly, I almost cried when I was watching the movie. But many thoughts came after the movie while I reflected on the story.

Everyone has problems. This is sort of a truth I arrive at after contemplating about life this year. And regardless of the intensity of the problem, as in no matter it is big or small, it deserves full attention and help to be solved. Just as there is no standard answer in life, some problems cannot be solved, you have to live with it. However, there is a possibility which the intensity of the problem can be reduced to a minimum level. The emotions elicited by the problems can be alleviated by tools. One easy method is to count your blessings, to be thankful for all things. I still have a healthy body, I have eyes ears nose mouth limbs which are functioning.

I do not have cancer.

Yes, thinking about the less fortunate will make us grateful towards what we own. However, we will soon forget about it and start to magnify our own problems. Looking at the physically challenged we are glad that we have legs but we start to lament that we don't have shoes. Perhaps this is our nature. I am working on it too, constantly reminding and be thankful that I am well blessed in many areas. This is real tough, as I am always blinded by my grief, self-wallowing in my loss.

Come back to the movie. If you are terminally ill will you desire to love and to be loved? There is not much worries for healthy individuals to start a relationship, but it requires a lot of courage and confidence for patients like them in the movie.

When you know you are dying, what is your fear. The thought of Augustus Waters best represents mine. How will I be remembered. Like him, I wanted to be great, to stand out of the 7 billion. Finally Hazel Grace enlightened him, and me too. I often hear a whisper in my mind, to achieve greatness one must be brought low first. Just like the bible says, those who want to be the head must be the tail, and the tail will be the head.


Thursday, 10 July 2014