Friday, 19 September 2008

My Friends

In CLB,when school dismissed,a teacher was watching us curiously from 5m away."Why are students taking photos in school?"Haha.XD

This is my primary monitor,Jit Ming,clever and mature.Her house juz opposite my grandma's house.Still remember laz time we oso cyling around the neighbourhood.Hehe.This is Kenneth,oso a best fren of mine.We noe each other since 2 years old.Haha.^.^My best fren since standard six.Actually he taller than me la,I just ask him to sink a little bit.Haha.

Behind:Shea Yee.

Duno whose finger was that?!I was juz holding a chess piece only ma.=.=haha

Back Row From Left:Yi Zhang(We call him turtle,but I think he is not a ninja),Xian Boon(Ah Boon).

Front Row From Left:Shi Xiu,Sui Jing,Wei Sheng

Middle:Me lo.dat one called siao kia by Sui Jing de,called sifu by Yan Yi de.

Back Row From Left:Xie Jing,Jit Ming,Li Xian,Hui Yen,Hui wen(my cousin),Sim Jui,Shim Ju.

ereem,persons behind the glass are nt counted.Sorry coz some frens go back d dat time,so nt in the picture.

Place:Seberang Jaya Caltex Mcdonald's, Playground Area.

Time:Around 11pm.

Happy birthday my friend.

This is the first time i wish people happy birthday in the blog. XD.

But still, Happy Birthday Bin Hao, my primary classmate for 4 years. And till now, we are still

good frens. The sad thing is i dun have his pictures in my comp. Go to Wen Qi's blog and see. XD



Today Puan Sarinder talk about Zhan Hong's hairstyle. Which makes me so happy, muahahaha.

Sarinder: Zhan Hong, what happen to ur hair. *the whole class was laughing*

Zhan Hong: ...*speechless*

Sarinder: First time, i see this type of hairstyle.

I felt so happy, hahahaha. Puan Sarinder insulted Zhan Hong. Yeshh!!!

Then the rest of the day was quite boring. Oh ya, Jeffrey didnt come today. I asked his sister, he

sister told me and matthew that Jeff and his parents got food poisoning yesterday after eating

'cincau' or whatever it is. Haha, me and matthew guess correctly that jeffrey had stomach ache.

And to Soo Yeng, u can slowly read our post. Hhaha.