Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Coast to Coast

It's May now. I hope this month will be a productive one. No more idling, no more wandering. My mum reprimanded me for being too idle and keep going out. That broad silly grin on my face further irritated her. Oh, I need to make a new resolution again. Looking back to the past 4 months, I think I can say I am satisfied, but some improvements need to ba made on time management.XD

Sure you remember I decided to go to library to self study. I realized I am not a disciplined person in the sense that I couldn't focus on the subjects without exams pressure. Next time if I am to write an essay regarding "should examinations be abolished" I will change all my points to support examinations. However, as usual I think I can overcome my weaknesses, this is how we improve ourselves right. So, I will carry on my plan to study in library again this month! Yeah! 

Previously I thought I would get into a instituition and start my new study life in May. Apparently, I have two months more until Taylor's College Cambridge A levels starts in July. It's time to sharpen up my mind in these two months so I won't find it hard when the term starts. Last time I can study for at least 2 hours. Now I can hardly lay my eyes on lines of words for 45 minutes. Argh.

Other than that, I need to start shopping too since I will be staying far far away. Undeniably, I must keep myself on time for every event and be on schedule in college. I bought a new watch. XD

Thalaaa. I have problem choosing one among the two watches. They seem very nice to me. At last I chose the analog-digital type.

Okay right? Will it be childish? I chose this at first because I love to see digital numbers, that's why all of my watches sure have digital screen. Furthermore it seems very sporty to wear analog-digital right.
After seeking some opinions I decided to change it to the analog one.

Thaalaaa again. This one is more elegant right. And mature too! Even though I am childish but I think I need to grow up. So wearing this watch is a sign that I am an adult! To change this I travelled alone by ferry to Gurney Plaza after the school prize giving ceremony. It took me 3 hours to take a bus from Penang Island Port to reach there! The weather was so hot and I actually waited 1 and a half hour to wait for the bus and another half an hour for the bus to start again. Chen Xin went back to his hostel and took a bath but he still reached there faster than me. The bus was actually crawling. Don't know why I was so crazy and so bothered to change it. Haha. The analog-digital one is also not bad right. Staring at the photo above I feel like want it back. Luckily Ah Jing was there to fetch me back.

Ohya, notice that box?!A beautiful box. It is written there Coast to Coast. I chose it myself with a hope and a dream in heart. I wanted to study abroad!England is always my dreamland since young. With this watch and this box, may it keeps reminding about this dream is yet to be fufilled, galvanizing me during any storms I may encounter. This watch stands a meaningful position in my heart, other than its value, it will witness me crossing the seas.

Coast to Coast is also the title of one of the Westlife's album. They don't have a song named Coast to Coast but this phrase is in their song " My Love".

"So I say a little prayer
and hope my dreams will take me there
where the skies are blue
to see you once again, my love

overseas and coast to coast
to find the place I love the most
where the fields are green
to see you once again, my love."