Friday, 13 January 2012

Airport - Go Positive

WOW, first time I saw the new Penang airport. The last time I went to airport they were still renovating the building. I would say it's a nice handsome piece of work.=)

Goodbye Leong Jia Jung and Leong Jia Siang. We know each other since year 2001. Erm, how many years already ya? Hold on, I go press calculator see. 2012 - 2011 = 11. 11 years!!

We are not that close, but at least we were classmates. I thought twice should I go to the airport with Jun Xian and Tze Xiuan. I went.

Airports - People fly in and off. Friends and families who are at the arrival section can't hide their eagerness to meet their love ones. On the other side the daparture section is engulfed with sad and cloudy mood. But it does not neccessarily to be like that.

Okay. Don't worry, I am not going to say how will I miss the twins. To be frank I have no such feelings. We are not that close. We had no much topics to chat, I just kept throwing french fries into my mouth at McD. They are unusual pair of twins, with weird characters and weird ways of doing things. Haha. The reason I post this is not to elaborate my feelings towards them upon flying off the Florida nor badmouth them. It's about seeing some event with another point of view.

They're considered lucky to have the chance to go overseas and start a new life. If now were 2011 and before, I would sigh and lament that I don't have such opportunities. Er, plus a little bit of jealousy.

But now is 2012, the same earth, the same Penang, the same event, the same me but with a different mindset. I can feel I am changing, and this feeling is insanely great ( Steve Jobs loved this phrase ) ! After so many storms in my life over the 5 years, so much pain and those adversities I had gone through, I doubted did I grow? Now I can say it firmly, I am growing.

I started to have so-called positive mental attitude. Everyone is talking about thinking positively, every book teaches how. However, do you really know how it works? To me it works like this : When you meet something bad or something devastating, of cause you will feel discouraged and sad. You'd try to think positively, but failed. Over time, you will start to neglect it, you will feel nothing about it, it is like you get numb with it. You will just keep quiet and don't care, don't feel sad and don't feel good either. I call this transition period. Haha. When you are in this stage, press on, you are almost there. Okay, keep implanting positive thinkings, some time later you'll find yourself thinking the opposite of the problem. You will start to realize you will automatically think the bright side of the problem, not to comfort yourself, but you are confronting it and you carry the hope. That's it.

I am still practising, not that strong yet. But I know I can bear more pressure and stress. =)

You take your plane and you fly off, good luck I wish you. I have my own path and I am taking it alone. I don't have the chance given but I can create one myself. I used to find a companion to walk along with me, perharps I don't want to be alone. But I realize no one can't stick to me where ever I go, we have different goals and directions, I need to be totally independant.

No one is going to cut off my right arm if I don't go to USA. No one is going to take away my bicycle if I don't go for A levels. No one is going to put me in jail if I don't succeed ( But I will be the winner of my life ). XD


Another thing I saw was, how the twins treated Jun Xian. I am always proud to say that I am walao A si pek deng kind. I am mild and my boiling point is quite low. You know what, I think Teh Jun Xian has no boiling point. They treated him more like a servant than a good friend. I was totally dumbfounded when I saw how they talked to him. They were leaving, Jun Xian was like a housekeeper and Ahmad, he was assigned with jobs like sending this book to who, top-up phone money, collecting books fees from the library, do this and do that. I noticed this outrageous phenomenon a day before, Jia Siang ordered Jun Xian to take his bag from his car when Yan Fen arrived. 

Argh, don't worry my friends, I will help you to do the chores listed above too, but I will give you a slap and bang your head to the wall if you say it in a harsh way. I have no image, you can laugh at me as you wish, but please, I am a human being with dignity.

Maybe this is their way of interaction, or Jun Xian owes them RM100000000000000. Who knows? XD.

PS : Jia Jung kept calling GIRLS to say good bye and asking them what they want from USA. I thought he just called one girl. My sister told me he called her friends too. =0    GUYS, do you receive any calls from them? XP