Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sui Jing's salad party

This sounds new to me.XD

The very first thought came to me was...are we just eating salad for the whole party??

Actually,this was the thing that everyone concerned before deciding going or not.

Sui Jing had been stressed for a week for this party,haha, worrying about who will turn up and the programme. Furthermore, yesterday got massive flower car parades. So I promised her I'll help her out. =) gentleman leh.

So yesterday we met at Econsave store to shop for the goods. oh, we still bought spaghetti for that party,how glad.haha. Later on, I was supposed to go to her house to prepare with her,but I wanted to have a look for Flower car parades which would pass by my condominum. I could have a clear view from my floor. Sorry lah Sui Jing. =X

I reached there at 8pm something, just some were there. Many was, like me, still watching the festival. So we started to eat at the hall, watching tv. Some girls were on duty in the kitchen to prepare food for us. Here I show my gratitude to you all. Salute!XD

When Itik they all reached there, they shouted and screamed as a sign of arrival of theirs I thought.wakaka. Since then, the place became so boisterious. The girls just can't stop shouting -______-

After finished eating, we started to play games. Obviously, just 'truth of dare' can cater for the crowd. It could be more intersting if everyone followed the rules and really dare to fulfill the appointed task.hahax.XD During the game, I truly felt that there is no friendship at war, no friendship at games too. The girls keep 'attacking' each other, trying to dig the deepest secrets of their friends. Rou Yi and Itik kept asking people to do very tricky things. I was sitting aside and speechless. Well, my task is 'postponed' to Monday : Praising my add math teacher's dress in class =.=