Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Darkest Hour

Argh! Red FM keeps on promoting this movie. " Aliens from elsewhere invaded Russia and attacked humans, 5 survivors ......." When you listen to the advertisement you will absolutely be attracted to enter the cinema for the movie, their tricks succeeded then.

I watched it with Zhen Jie and Seok Hui last year's last week. Zhen Jie highly recommended it that time because according to him newspapers were giving nice and positive introduction on it. So we went in.

Okay, this is what I reacted : I really wanted to walk out after 5 minutes.

Do you remember the movie Skyline in 2010? Ya, the same type.

Aliens from elsewhere conquered earth for the minerals. The movie didn't tell where the aliens were from, they just dropped from the sky and just like that. Everyone's screaming and running for lives. Then the remnants were trying to fight back. The end of the movie was they knew many survivors in other places were starting to counter-attack the aliens. And it's not scary either.


I don't like it. It does not satisfy my curiosity ( plus good explanation ) towards the origin of the aliens and the conclusion.