Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lonely, i'm Mr. Lonely.

Omg, tomorrow is wednesday edi. So fast. I'm goin to be lonely. The two musketeerz are goin to

Seremban to eat siew pau, left me alone behind. Anyway, they are not goin thr to eat la.They go

to find the meaning of dead. Hahaha. They go there by bus, but i think they come back with

ambulans. I read the paper that tell you what u will do on the competition for Shinobi. They have

treasure hunt which they say the first group to come back first with all the members are alive

wins. So cool right?? Means jeffrey and matthew's life are in danger. Hope you all can come back

with your fully body parts. Hahaha. If not, i will stand a side and say DAI SEI !! Tml u all will see

me damn emo and quiet. Jeffrey Lee, i now announce,u are free for 3 days with no gossips at all.


Wish me luck.......

Bye guyz!! wish me luck!!!!!! dun miss me larrr........after i feel dam weird XD