Sunday, 20 July 2008

what a weird day. -.-

I had a weird day.I'm taking one down.I sing a weird song just to turn it around.I say I don't

know.I tell me don't lie.I work at a sweat and I go for a ride.I had a weird day.The handphone

don't lie.I'm coming back down and I really don't mind.I had a weird day.

Happy birthday Jing Yi. -.-''

Today the birthday woman belanja Li Yen, Wen Qi, BigMouthWoman, Yi Ting and me lunch.

The other guy is gone nowhere. Total is 150 bucks. Rich humans. Some bitch hor already ate so

much, still keep on order. End up, she cant finish it.Then force other people to eat also. I noe its

not your money la also no nid spend like dat wan mah.(not trying to help anyone). After lunch

more worst, the XXX waiting for me outside the restaurant. Damn kao shocking weih, once i saw

XXX. XXX's face is so black. Juz like someone owe XXX few million bucks and doesnt want to

pay XXX back. XXX push me to the wall and like wan to da kao. Lol. Then after some stupid

things, bout like 4 sumthing. XXX go argue with wen qi again. My phone money all flew away.

Walao, every month i feel so sry facing my father. Hahaha. But my phone bill is not as high as my

frens la, like Bin Hao, Sean Ng. Their bill can be higher than hundred bucks. I will be grounded

for few months if my bill is 100 bucks and higher. -.- . anyway, i juz found out wen qi is a pro to

argue with XXX. she can make the XXX damn kau du lan. Lol. I finally run away from XXX by

saying i gtg. If not, my bill will be higher and kena belasah.

The XXX above is YOU SHOULDN'T KNOW WHO. Orelse Kam toi lo.