Monday, 17 October 2011


After a week I wrote the letter to LSJ, who is more keen to be known as J, I assumed the letter has reached her doorstep and she has read it.=)

Well, no reply from her yet. Maybe she needs months to go through it.

Wait a moment, I FORGOT TO PASTE A 50 CENTS STAMP!!hahahaha. Too bad.

I got many complaints that the letter was too lengthy, so do my other posts. Knowing that most of you carry out a hyper hectic life, you have no time to read it through word by word, I'm trying to make it short. Just TRY only.


You've read the other two of the group posting about MNJ. Ya, I am hopping on the bandwagon too.

Perharps there are readers who are scratching their heads thinking what on earth is MNJ?Well, M for Matty, N for Neri and J for Jing. is a new formed group, a gang, a band, a party, a company, a compound or whatever you may call it. We're quite flexible you see. I can see that many of you are frowning, dissaproving? oh don't worry we don't organize campaigns like "Occupy Wall Street","Occupy New York","Occupy Penang Bridge" or "Occupy Chung Ling". Occupying Chung Ling is a good idea though.

We are just a group of teenagers, to be precise, three teenagers who ... er ... chemically reacted and form a compound through friendship bond ( which is the combination of covalent and ionic bonds).

You may want to know more about how it happens, erm I need to check up with N and J first but I know it involves complicated formulae and theories which you may not understand even I tell you. So better don't tell.=)

Somebody asked how about the 3 Musketeerz??

Oh~I am glad there are people who still remember this.haha. The 3 Musketeerz is still there, no worries okay. But the 3 Musketeerz have not been holding a conference together for almost a year. Don't forget KL is a face-paced society. Just like Malaysia can join ASEAN, PBB and so on, we form groups to create a better world. Yeah.

Okay, someone starts to grumble. I am going straight to the point now.


Not much to say about myself, you all know me right. However many say that they know me more after reading the letter I sent to J. Hey, it is supposed to be her letter, private and confidential, why you all read it?


Neri, aka Neri Tan not tanned.AHAHAHA. Her skin is so fair!!

Sorry, I am going to spend quite a big page here since I dedicated such a long letter for J.=) If not Neri will feel she is inferior to J and become emotionally unstable, which will acitivate a series of nuclear chain reaction, in turn blow up the whole earth.XD Ops, she will definitely seek my live once she arrived at Penang International Airport this December from Australia.

I never think that we will be best friends when I first know you in 3A2. My impression towards you was "wow your English is freaking good." I couldn't see any interception point between our distinct lives. We were so different. In fact the entire year in Form3 we didn't talk much but who knows we are now so close? Thinking back, our friendship develops through blogs and facebook right?I remember last year each time I visited my blog, the counter showed number 3, I knew it one was you, another was Jing and one was me of course.Haha. How pityful . You started to comment on my cbox, clearing all the bushes that grew so tall after Jeffrey and Yan Yi abandoned the place. So, you are actually my web friend (网友)! I was so touched that someone cared for me during that period, you know what I was going through. When the people surrounding me were backstabbing me, you, from so far away actually cared for me.=) Now I know why. Maybe it's because you were facing difficulties too living and studying alone there at such a young age, so you can easily understood my feelings.

Okay, enough of "imbas kembali".

Now we are so close, even time and space can't limit the three of us. I love to talk to you two NJ, like you said I can just express myself freely without worrying my image too.Haha. Your voice is so different and unique, it carries some kind of tone which the people here do not have.Argh, I don't know how to describe. I may hurt you sometimes ( erm, actually quite often) but I know you won't care but deep in your heart there left a scar. For example, when you came back last time, I went to watch Transformers 3 but not meeting you for lunch. That was one of the worst things I have ever done. Sorry.But I know you will just take it as childish-guy-is-like-that right?XD

I think the place and the environment you are in now shape and mould you to be so mature, seriously. You're like the Big Sister, shielding MJ. Even when we're discussing our problems, you are like the Master of Ceremony, guiding us through the agendas.

Ya, MN don't share the long history like MJ, but does that matter? Absolutely not.!Deep in my heart I know NJ will not betray me, NJ will never put a sword on my neck or point at me with a gun. That day when we were chatting via Skype, I was so grateful towards you, your advices and your support. Especially on that matter (you-know-what), I can feel that you really support me. I was not expecting that much from you on that particular matter.

Now, I know what you are going through there miles away from us miles away from your home, but remember this : be bold and trust in the Lord. Although MJ keep on stressing that N is like a big sister for MJ, feel free to talk to us about your problems. M will surely be able to find an amazing way to solve it.XD

You are really, really, really good.

I know you're very disappointed with me sometimes, please forgive me, I will try my best not to let you down again ( I wonder how many times I told you this...haha). I know you have high expectations on me, just like my mum, and I promise I WILL LIVE UP TO IT!

I am waiting for your next return to Penang this December, anticipating!XD

Please refer to the post below. Your cooperation is appreciated.

I promised you I will not online for a week.=)