Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I see the sun smiles

haha~do you believe that??

Actually the sun is always smiling, just you don't seem to notice it.Why?It is because we are told not to gaze at the sun with our naked eyes!!hahahahaha~

Yeah~I see the sun smiles! While I am going to school; while I am wandering around leisurely; while I grab my bag and walk out of the school.

Crazy right?

Lifes are full of happy events that you are fond of, and of course, catastrophic incidents which won't please you much!

However, whatever happen in this little world, the sun still show his amiable smile everyday, despite what you are going through.

It maybe your best friend's birthday, you values him so much and made a DIY birthday card for him.

Perharps one day your friend hurt you so much deep in your heart and feelings. It juz happened so fast that you couldn't accept or believe it. The pain is unbearable, your tears is drowning Penang...I am here for you,right here waiting for you.

You are leaving the place where you have all of your best friends...
How happy were the days ; how much you miss them...
But please get going and go on...they definitely miss you too but they want you to be bold and enjoy your life too.

Ah~these are called lifes.

Without obstacles, how can you enjoy the joy when you overcome it??

Without horrendous rain, there is no beautiful rainbow.

Come, lift up your head, be brave to look at the Sun!!He is smiling to you!

When your heart smiles ; the sun smiles.

P.S. I wonder why I post this -________- wakaka