Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Brownie's Birthday

yeah!today was Brownie Leong Khai Cheat's birthday.haha.

His first present received today was a BEN-10 key chain given by Itik.XD

As I have expected, he laughed off with his charming usual smile and kept on asking : Who gave this?!Who gave this?!

Zhen Jie and I kept bullying the birthday boy by announcing his birthday to every passer-by which he couldn't tolerate and hide himself under the desk.

At last he received many blessings and wishes from the whole school.

I bet he had a great day today!!XD


P.S. he is a BEN-10 freak.

Neri's Farewell

Oh, it happened long time ago, but still within this week.XD

Neri, Sui Jing and Brownie came to my house to play last Sunday.Erm, did I tell you Neri that we see it as a farewell for you?haha.

Khai Cheat came first, so we played pool and Neri & Jing called up.

I taught the two young ladies how to play ping pong. They were really brilliant ( For young beginners).I always associate high pitch screaming with this group of girls. They scream and shout where ever they go. What amazed me was they could even scream while playing ping pong. hahahaha. Especially Jing.

At first 2 versus 1, then I went back to accompany lonely Brownie for pool, also giving the girls a chance to practise themselves. After Brownie left for dinner with his relatives, I played ping pong again.

Wow, they improved terribly fast. I knew they had tried their very best but still lose me. Neri was so geram that Jing kept wasting chances and lost points. However, Jing didn't know a thing about strategy and all she did is standing with eye blank.Neri thought of a new strategy : when I win points they don't count, but they count when they win. ARGH!Nice one but we stayed at the same score for long time before they win points.HAHAHA.

Later on we went swimming!XD

From that point we kept on taking photos. Jing was so desperate to jump into the swimming pool. Consequently, she injured her knee.XP

The water was very cold and icy. I wondered how Jing could withstand it. I stood by the pool side, watching the cold water but no courage to step onto it.

About 9pm we went to R.U. to eat our dinner-supper. I was starving but Jing still had the mood to do homework on my desk. Mind you, actually girls and Neri & Jing can swallow a horse when they are really starving.