Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Season

Wow~once again I have to admit that time really flies. We are in amidst of December and we probably didn't realise it.

The decoration in the hall of shopping malls have changed into Christmas mode. A tall gigantic Christmas tree and a fat old man with long snowy beard a in bright red robes. Christmas is around the corner!In fact it is just another 19 days. Starting to feel and celebrate this warm and lovely day, singing and chanting Christmas songs.

I love Christmas.

Why? I just simply love the feeling and atmosphere of Christmas, it brings peace and joy to the soul. The harmony which Christmas brings. This type of feeling grows extremely strong particularly during Christmas eve. I will be literally become very silent and admire the city from the balcony. And when you are totally alone in such circumstances, you will be driven involuntary into nolstagia, into memoriam. What happened throughout the year and years before will appear like slideshow in your eyes. You probably will think of the Christmas before, and grumble why time pass so fast in a sigh. This is also the best time to quiet down and think of your future.XD Christmas also give me sort of emotion that I can't describe it here...You know the sound of the church bell, 'dong... ... dong ... ...dong... ...' ,deep yet loud, somehow the sound make an impact in my soul,in my innermost...

Christmas, anticipating so much, but when it's over, remained a little bit sorry.

Perharps this is the wonder and magical part of Christmas? Does it come from the yearn of Santa Claus during childhood?Or hope to receive a lot of presents and gifts?

This year Christmas seemed like doesn't have any Christmas movie. Past years we used to have Home Alone and the kind of it. However, I love 'The Polar Express' the most. =) The feels disperse from the movie is exactly the same as my emotion and feelings. :D

Merry Christmas!