Monday, 3 January 2011

First Day of School 2011

One word : Sucks.

I am not keen to use that word to describe my first day, but it's true. Am I too looking forward for today? I hope I can have a good start for this year, as the Chinese proverb says a good start indicates 50 percent of success.

About 6.30am I reached our class 5SA1 on the fourth floor. Mama Mia!!No more good and strategic place for me!I thought I was early. A mountain is higher than a hill. So I sat with Jingxue at the left back corner of the class,with Chen Xin and Joshua in front of us. If you google earth the class plan, you can find that the centre of class is seated by immigrants from other classes. We local are forced to spilt and separated to the front, back and sides.

5SA1 is not the same anymore. It's not that I despise immigrants or I don't welcome them. They did well last year and they are deserved to be in this class. Just many of them we do not know and feel a bit strange. Last year was not like that, the first day of school we had a happy day and felt so warm to be together in one class.

Maybe I need to take time to get use of it.

Pn.Malathee is our form teacher and english teacher again. Four of us joked and laughed a lot like usual english lessons last year we had. Class commitee was chosen.

Perharps I still can't get use to the new environment, I was a little bit rebellious and superb talkative in class.haha.Maybe Jingxue also cannot bear it, he was so weary because he just came back from Pantai Kerachut. I will try to calm myself down and speak lesser, as my talkativeness will annoy somebody I think,also fulfilling my promise to someone to be humble down.

I really hope I can be more serious this year and focus on study. I admit I was not in the state to start study, not ready for school. Today's karangan I no mood to write lah,someone please help me how to overcome this holiday mood laziness. I picked up slow and the moment I start to get used to it, it will be Chinese New Year Holidays again.

Well, a very extremely really strange thing happened on the last period, Add Math.

I wonder why she don't want to teach us this year and let us choose to let her teach or Pn Ooi Lay Seik. In total, she mentioned three time she don't want to teach us. She kept letting us vote who to be our Add Math teacher. Overall, Immigrants support her, Locals support Pn Ooi.

How strange?This is school man!not a tuition centre. We have absolutely the right to choose which teacher for tuition. But for school, won't this be strange? We were under Pn Ooi before, used to her style and glad with it. However not Pn Yong. We choose the best option for us of course. But in today's case, we were given option by a teacher whom herself is an option. What measures for us to choose?Who is prettier?Who is richer?


The sole reason for us as students is, who is nicer and better in teaching for our class?

Pn Yong seemed reluctant to teach our class. Phsychologically she won't make us improve although she put her efforts. It's not how good is that counts, it's where your heart and desire lies.

So, how to know and measure who is more suitable for us?

Under the influence of this strange matter and she kept asking, I blurted out :" Teacher, can we test?"

Immediately I realised I was wrong. The whole class woo me. Even Jingxue condemned me for no manners and lack of respect.

Okay, I knew I was wrong. Here I apologize to her and to the whole class. I will apologize to her personally if this really upset her. That's why I should speak lesser, think more.

Perharps she responded my request, she taught us for 10 mins before the school bell rang.

Now, who is more suitable? Today is the last day to decide and to switch. Let's see tomorrow...

P.S. This post I dedicate to whole 5SA1-ians regardless of immigrants or locals, we are the same citizens having the same rights now, I believed I voiced out the thoughts and feeling of the most people.Thank You very much.

( Here I clarify again: I don't have any discriminations towards students from other classes by refering them as Immigrants, I was one too. Those are just merely for fun.)