Friday, 24 December 2010

KRS Training Camp 2010

yeappeeeeeeee!!Finally the training camp is over!we toiled so hard 2 nights at school to make the preparation, 2 sleepless nights to make it successful, and now it's over!!And my holidays are going to over soon...

I got stung ( or should I say bitten, but it felt like stung) by red ants on the first night. That night I slept at 12.30 and woke up at 1.30am, we gathered at the small field between A & B block to make decoration for open ceremony. Don't know who put a can of unfinished potato chips on the ground. I picked it up and intended to throw into trash bin. Halfway walking to the nearest dust bin I felt a sudden pain on my right hand, so I dropped the can and begining to rub my hand.You know the action, sort of Sui Jing and Neri will do when they spot a tiny cute cookroach, jumping and yelling. However, for a brave young boy like me I just crossed out the yelling part, jumping because of pain.XD

The pain was terrible. 3 spots on my right hand and 1 on my left were ambushed by the red troops. After putting some antiseptic cream, I continued my work diligently. However, the pain was getting unbearable as the time passed on. The wound on my left thum began to swollen, right to the morning,my thumb was 2 times bigger than the right one.ARGH!

The camp was started, I did not take leave for that though ( because I am a trained KRS DM and highly spirited,highly honoured,hightly playful, highly strong.XD).

When come to 5 something, my wrist also got swollen, my left hand was like wearing boxing gloves, my thumb totally can't bend at all. I was so sad because I was forced to leave the camp site and seek for medical help.

My former president - Sjn Yeo Yen Huan, the son of Mdm Ooi Lay Seik our math teacher, sent me to Doctor Ang but realised that they went to Japan. Later on we found a clinic and registered. The doctor say must take injection.


er...em, I was not afraid kay.

I was so calm...

She let me choose whether want it on arm or buttocks, she said buttocks will be less pain.

What the hell, I choose arm because so shy to take off my undergarments in front of so many ppl.

But Yen Huan advised me to take it on buttocks. With much shyness, I lay down on dunno-what-bed lah. He helped me to untie my boots.


Doctors are good liers.

Okay okay~now get back to the title. The camp quite okay lah. Not up to our expectations. However, the treasure hunt was quite successful!Many members commented as enjoyable!HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA~told you all dy Jing, my movie is very good de. Don't believe?Check out Facebook ba.muuahahahaahahahaha.

My water games, haiz, on the other hand, were not so lucky. It rained heavily that time, with thunders.

Happy Christmas Eve!!