Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lame Joke 16

"Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what i just said."

"When did you first notice this problem?"

"What problem? "

First of August

yea~today is the first of August d. My PMR trial exam is on first of September.That's mean there is still one month left for me to prepare the examination. Haiz~time flies.

Speaking of PMR, Yanyi is putting a lot of effort in it. 24 hours nerding make Yanyi a dull boy.haha~juz joking Yanyi,dun angry oh. that day he told me he had finished Science subject. Then, I test him for a dozen questions, he couldn't answer a lot of it. Thats wad made him scared.too bad~I asked till he dulan me,asked me to halt. Sorry ar Yanyi,you said u finished d,so I just pop some questions only...

Alright,tomorrow I will be crossing over to the island to visit my cousin. One of my cousin, my father's 2nd elder brother's daughter, is going to study abroad.So we will go there to say good bye and give off angpau. After that,maybe can go for Harry Potter 6. Perharps you will ask,such a harry potter freak like me will watch it after 3 weeks the movie rolled out.huh,cause we plan to watch it with my brother.We waited my brother to come bk from UK,after that he fled to KL again. So the event was postpone til tomorrow,hope I wont miss it.

Planning to bring my collection Potter wand to the cinema.But I scared the wand will be snapped into two if I kept waving it during the movie.XD

About 60 days till PMR,I think I should start my revision now seriously.Last time just turn the pages only.

well,Yanyi is nerding,so he cant blog,left only Jeffrey.Frankly,Jeffrey is a lot more busier than Yanyi all the time.However,you can owys see him online... ...