Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Attention to all my faithful friends and readers!

Argh~Recently I received many complaints about my blog.Haha. Perharps the word complaints is a little bit strong. Okay, comments I should say - my posts are freaking lengthy!!

In fact, I constantly receive such comments.

Well, don't worry, I am not grumbling or what, there is absolutely no right or wrong on this matter. Through the book " Whatever you think, think the opposite" I learnt that there is no good or bad decisions and perharps opinions too. I am trying to practise "Judge less, accept more".


I am not giving in. XD I will still type a long long post, with the opening, content and conclusion paragraphs, the stereotype essay format. To me it's is my style of blogging, in spite of practising the usage of the languages, it's a full desription of my view towards an issue or an event.

Some say they feel lazy to scan through lines by lines, words by words. They prefer short posts with pictures and photos. I know reading is quite tiring sometimes especially from a screen. You have your reason and I am perfectly alright with it. I do respect your opinions, my friends. However, I feel that I am not going to that style yet, I won't say never.XP I am quite stuborn, remember?Haha. And I won't lose myself. I believe some may enjoy reading it.


Since I respect your opinions, and I don't want any of you miss out my interesting life ( Maybe, haha ) , I come out with a win - win solution. I will try to insert some pictures related to my ideas, and I will bold and underline and highlight and enlarge the summary. Okay with that?XD So you can just scan through with a glance!And for your information, there is a rating bar below the post, do rate it.=) Thank you. Any feedbacks and suggestions please don't hesitate to type a comment. Yeah. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

P.S. I did try to make it more formal like a notice. X)

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