Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Teachers of 5SA1

Huh, sadly to announce that we failed to let Pn Ooi Lay Seik teach us both Add math and Mordern Math. What a sad case for us. I really like her and her teaching method.

How about other teachers?

BREAKING NEWS: Our form teacher and English teacher Pn Malathee was admitted to hospital in Kepala Batas now after she met an accident on the first day of school. According to our source, Pn Chuah Chiao Yen, her Proton Waja was hitted by another car. My fellow classmates, do not be worried.She has no physical injuries but just internal injury. You may draw and make cards for her, pass it to Jingxue, Top Fan of Pn Malathee, as he will visit her EVERYDAY. However, I reckon that she will be rather happy and cheerful if Yeap Khai Sheng, her favourite, step into her ward. We do not know when she will be discharged. Some of the girls hope they can see her soon because they miss her so much, especially "snacks", who keep yelling in class.(hahahahahahaha)

Okay, our BM teacher is the same, Pn Chuah Chiao Yen who always act young and cute. She changed her hairstyle this year, no more tying up a pony tail. Although the same teacher, she runs a new teaching method. Still very strange for me because she adds a lot of copy and paperwork. I used to hang my legs and made jokes of her each BM classes last year. Perharps it's the new way she found to keep my hand working and my mouth shutting. However, today's proven she was wrong, my hand and mouth can function perfectly well and organised together.XD

Our Chinese teacher.Oh, I miss Mr Tan Fee Meng so so so so so much. His soft and nice voice, always my motivation to stay in his lessons. He is one of my favourite chinese teachers. Maybe it's because chinese teachers often speak standard chinese pronunciation.haha. Mr Tan is different, his voice can captivate students attention, make you interested on the text. Most importantly, he doesn't ever give us HOMEWORK! He himself is a antihomeworknist. This year, we have Pn Khee. On the contrary, she dumps a freaking lot of homework to us. I know it's for our own good, but it's too much for us exam students. I like her teaching method too, although lack of the soft and unique voice like Mr Tan. She focuses on literature, not exam oriental. =) The first passage she gave us was written by 史铁生 aka Station (we gave him his English name, the son of 史蒂文生,Stevenson, the inventor of train.hahax)XD Well, I do heard of him.

Well, this post is to be continued...