Sunday, 23 October 2011

21 Days to Go

21 days to go, another paper war begins!

Wow, I was literally shocked when my church member told me this morning!


A facinating number that amazes me all the time. First came in my big head was Green Day - 21 guns. Eh, now everyone is talking about GREEN right, even a band chose Green as their name too. What a trend. haha. Maybe we can form one Green Night, Green Sunday, Green Friday or Green Year would be the best.

"... one, tweenty-one guns, throw up your arms, into the sky..."

Nice song.XD It paints my colourful day to all green.

Yesterday we went to the library again, and had a farewell for Tree and Jun. We spent 3 hours for lunch. You might say there is no big deal, but we had lunch at PIZZA HUT!So much to talk, so much to read. I told myself I must focus on the notes I brought, and guess what I really focus on the same page for 3 hours.XD

What happened later was not so nice. Most of you know what happened. I will not elaborate much on this sad matter. Hui Wen's had an accident early in the morning, and she called yesterday as Doomed Day.haha.

Well, we went to Sunway in 2 separate cars, I sat on the front seat of Jun's CR-V during the return journey. When we were going down the spiral-way of the car park, I looked back to J and saw her looked quite serious. She developed a fixation on the way in front. So, I joked with her saying why she was so serious. That was the beginning. Now I forward the story time line to the last episode. Jun got distracted and scratched her dad's car with the concrete wall, quite serious. The left back part of the car had white stripes. Argh!

Okay, I have some responsibility to bear and I am not going to run away from it. I heard many comments on this matter, QQ and J those who were in the car reckoned it's part of my fault while others say I was not guilty. No matter what, I think I was wrong. J scolded me,yea she should.

On top of that, I felt so troubled to let Jun bore it all at home. She was in tears and her parents scolded her badly, but she told her mum that time there were only she and J in the car. I was speechless. WHY.


To prevent me from getting the blame.

Nothing to so much... No need to say much... Sorry and thank you Jun.


Back to the topic. 21 to me another meaning is maturity. 21st birthday will be a big day for me, it's a rite of passage, meaning I have to be a real man and not a childish boy like now. J was right yesterday, I should behave more like a man. She taught me how to have a meal neatly at Pizza Hut. We made a promise then.=) Thank you J.

21 days to go for SPM. What is the implication?


I yelled this slogan for don't know how many times dy, someone please help me!

Okay~this post is getting rather long. I should stop now. Can you all do a favour for me? You all have my cell phone number right, please constantly text me : "Matthew don't waste time anymore! Sit tight and study!" XD Don't worry, the time you text me most probably I am idling.



哇~~爽    !   到   !QQ,你也很帅啦!