Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Camp is Near

This Saturday will be the KRS training camp. We have been so busy for several weeks just to prepare for the camp.

As a leader of a patrol, we need to prepare and make banners, flags, nametags, totempo and plan some gathering items. Besides, we need to train for marching competition which will be held during camp. After several of patrol corners, we are ready for it.=)

So today was the audition for our presentation during camp. We need to choose 2 items out of sketch,song and dance. I chose song and dance. Our performances are not that well but we managed to pass.

This noon, marching team members were punished to run 2 rounds of field under the hot sun.Why??The attendance of yesterday practice was dreadful, 12 came out of 30.XD However, during we were running, those from Kadet Pertahanan Awam, our big rival, sitting in a crowd and watched us with fingers pointing here and there. Memang Tak Ada Moral mia!BOOO sama dia!!!!!

Next you'll see them watching us grab away the champion of Annual School Marching Competition.Hiak Hiak Hiak.wakakaka. That all we can say is just sorry.Hrng.

By the way there are rumours say this sunday PMR result will be coming out. ARGHHH!!!SO FAST!!!It was like yesterday I just finished PMR!!Now I am so jealous with my cousin,they finished their SPM d. -___________-

Merry Christmas!!!