Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Papa's Day!!

YO!Happy Father's Day to all fathers!!yeah.

This is the day for us his children to sit down to think, to appreciate what our fathers have done for us,from the moment we were borned.

Let's read the conversation between 2 brothers:

Jeff: Dear Dad, today is your day to sit back, relax and let mom and me do everything.

Achmed: Just like every other day of the year!


Anyway, we still can't take our fathers' work for granted, go hug him and say daddy :) I love you!XD

My dear dad, you are a tremendous figure in my life, the person I honour, although you will never know that, I appreciate you deeply in my heart. I learn a lot from you, and thanks for having you as my father =))

Happy Daddy's day papa!!!