Friday, 19 November 2010

Last day of school 2010


We reached school with tonnes of books to return...our class is at the top level...

Today's atmosphere was very different,seems like no farewell mood, everyone was laughing and joking~perharps nowadays farewell must be happy?

What really throw a pail of cold water to our escatic high mood was some of the results were out...

What the hell~teacher ar, since when you all become so high efficiency??

Today whole day I was shouting, the class is too noisy~I really dunno how to describe today's school situation~everyone release their exam pressure today~like bursting volcano,earthquake.

And I just cant control my mouth to stop moving...bla bla bla bla

After recess,it's photo session.Everyone brought out their Phones and camera to snap photos and videos!!

Now the class had gone beyond control. A group here a group there. Who was snapping who nobody noes. Everyone was like fearing can't see each other anymore.hahaha~

haiz~really can't fully describe the situation laaahhh~too profound to convert into words!!Hope you were there!!!!!

Sui Jing, sorry for dissapoint you cause you told me to describe it in details, but my language is truly sucks and beyond that.Sorry worrr......let the scenes ebbed forever in your mind ba~