Friday, 15 October 2010

Education Fair

I discovered so much in our school's education fair, which held today at our school hall.=)

Jingxue wants to study abroad in Japan (wow!),Itik wanna be a forensic ( Probably watch too much CSI, I doubted if she can), Wei Qi and Chen Xin want to study Pharmacies, Khai Cheat likes Art Designs, Zhen Jie goes for Civil Engineering, Sui Jing intends to study Medic... ...

Education fair was like a dream factory (it's not necessary to be Pixar or Disneyland :D), producing and modifying our dreams. Many of us started to think about the future, which course am I interested? What can I be after graduated? Unfortunately, what we dream of now are very very different from which we dreamed of when we were small (standard deviation = 10).

I wanted to be a policeman last time, under the influence of Hong Kong show 'ICAC'.haha. After reading too much Sci-fi, I hope I can be a sciencetist. Later on, my mum brainwashed me to be a doctor. I think I will go for medic first, then pyscho specialist.XD Why??I hope I can read my patients' mind, so I can give them medicine without asking them.Hmmm, this can save a lot of time and work. (Lame excuse.... -______-)

This morning an interesting incident happened.=) When we finished asking abt for forensic courses, Chen Xin, Itik, Wei Qi, Angie and me went to next counter, Monash University. That woman really dull, lack of passion on her job. When we sat down, she started:"You must first study pre-U first." Pointing all pre-U courses by using her pen on a catalogue. She was like thrusting her pen leh, showing bored expression. After making several holes on the catalogue, she asked us with sleepy plus a little bit restless tone :" Know what is pre-U courses?".I was annoyed by her attitude, thinking whether want to poke fun at her...

She started to throw questions at us:" Do you know what is A level?What is STPM?What is canadian XXX, what is Australian year 12?What is bla bla bla?" Of course, with a tone talking to a ask-too-much-questions-5-year-old-kid. This time, I was determined to oppose her by all means.Grrrr~what kind of promoter was that??

I said :" A level?who don't know?STPM?Our school also got lah, why should we go Sunway Uni for the course?!By the way why the pre-U courses are all at Sunway University?"

She answered:" It is because our campus is situated beside Sunway, and our campus doen't offer
pre-U course, but you must have it before taking any course here."


Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

I opposed everything she said...

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

She started to get irritated...

" Hey, your banner here stated Monash University is one of the top 50 in the world, true ar?"

"That's for last year, our new banner haven't come out yet."

"Huh, then what's the ranking for this year?"



I try hard not to blurt out foul words, really hard.

bla bla bla bla bla bla

She can't stand it anymore :" Why don't you be a DJ when you grow up?I swear I won't listen to whatever fm you are working at."

She introduced me a lot of courses like communications and psychology =.=