Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to Birthday 2011

Yeah~finally get my pictures transferred to computer. So I can now convert the unforgettable memory of my birthday into words in this blog post.=)

Aha, first of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Angie Loh, who accompanied and counted down with me from 10pm the previous day to my birthday, and also the same until my birthday ended.Sounds touching right?She actually did count with me, we crapped a lot during the nights.She was the first one that warmed my heart during the chilling night.

At 12am 27/01/2011, my phone in silent mode kept buzzing, indicating that birthday wishes were received. Thanks to those who purposely waited until the time, or accidentally woke up in the middle of the night ( sorry for disturbing your dreams). Sumei phoned me up, and guess what!She sang birthday song to me in English and Bahasa. HAHA.

In the morning at school. Hui Wen came to wish me happy Birthday with a fake sunflower and a big poster!!She must have sacriface her sleep to complete that awesome masterpiece. THANK YOU VERY MUCH COUSIN!Sumei gave me a thing with a heart on it, (she called it rose), she requested me to wear it for 24hours so I tried my best to fulfill it, just took it off during assembly. Itik gave me a small piece of eraser which I don't know she picked up at where. She put it in mentos plastic. I bet it's Yan Fen's idea. -_______-

Many Unexpected things happened that day, couldn't convert them literally due to time shortage and poor language.

After school, my buddy, Jingxue held a birthday celebration for me with the help of Joshua, Chen Xin, Zhen Jie, Soo Hou, Lynn, Jamine, Seok Hui, Hui Wen and Sumei. We set up a fire to BBQ at Koperasi Lama. THANK YOU GUYS FOR WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK OF BURNING UP THE SCHOOL TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY!

At Night, I went out for dinner with family and my dearest grandma.XD

P.S, I wonder what happened with the photo uploader, I can't upload the photos. I will try to fix it ASAP.Thanks.

Friday, 28 January 2011

One day after My Birthday!

Yesterday I was so ecstatic because of my birthday!I will blog about it next week with a lot of pictures!Glad that I brought my camera to capture the most touching and warm happy moment.XD

And the ecstatic feelings seemed to have continue until today.Many were still wishing me belated birthday wishes.=) My mood was as mass-less as clouds, floating here and there.hahaha.

Today we had a motivation talk in the hall. The speaker put us into a test :"How can you join 9 points ( like 3 times 3 cube arrangment) with 4 continuous straight line?"

I heard it and had done it sometimes before but I couldn't remember it. The hint is you can extend the line out of the given points. :) The message he wanted to bring out was we must always think out of the box in this strong competence world.

He continued :"How can you join all the points with one line?" While we were discussing, I simply blurted out aiya just use one wider pen point to wipe all the points lah!They all laughed as you know the very best thing I know is kidding and make fun and my imagination has no limits (not in arts though,arts requires creativity but not imagination.).

However, he revealed the his answer as using one big brush and brush all the points out. HAHAHAHA!This time I laughed.But I have no confidence (with some humble feelings) to raise my hand up to tell my answer before that.

In fact, I learnt 3 important things and lessons in this new year:

1) Don't say you have no time, as the saying goes, TIME IS LIKE CLEAVAGE, SQUEEZE IT AND THAT'S IT (时间就像乳沟,挤一挤就有了).

2) Think Out of the Box. Use your kidney to think.

3) Crapping is a good thing to do.XD Speaking non-revelant stuff can brainstorm your imagination, making something impossible to possible. Remember the case I just shared?haha.Lame right?Use your lung to talk. (用肺讲话,讲废话).

Once again, Happy Birthday to Matthew Boy!!Cute and laugh forever!May you have full A+ in SPM!May whatever you lay your hands on prosper!!!!!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011



15 mins to go.

I am of age!I am qualified to drive!I-AM-A-MAN!











My wish for this year is getting full A+ and earn a great scholarship!!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

CNY Class Decoration 2011

Yeah, today early in the morning Chen Xin garnered all the Ang Paus from each one of us for the decorations use.

Joshua brought his little radio and played some songs while Chen Xin actively let us guess those Ang Paus come from which companies. Duh I just guessed one correctly. Out of the blue, our dear Head Prefect Mr Ang walked by and took notice of the cute radio. YOU KNOW HOW HE RESPONDED. At last, under the curses by the guys (the loudest was Wan Ting), Jun Xian brought the radio to the Discipline Room, for extra protection.

The first 2 periods we were having a lot of fun, not even discouraged by the loss of the radio and company of songs. Joshua printed out a few PlayBoy rabbit logos and we cut it in Ang Paus. He was very creative to thought of the idea as this year is the year of hare.However, let us hope that he got the copyright.=)

As you know, I was wandering around and making fools...

I did want to try to help...

But my boredom couldn't cease...

AHA!!So dearest Jingxue and I thought of an brilliant idea : Why don't we use the ang paus to puzzle up a big PlayBoy Logo at the back wall?!

We were clicked immediately and started our Project Rabbit.

While we were getting near to finishing, Jingxue cut an unique and beautiful ang pau for the bow tie. He felt that the ang pau was so thick and finally he got a rectangle successfully out from it.

A rectangle part of a RM100 note fled off......



I showed it to the whole class, they thought it was a fake one. This incident stirred up the whole class.

Jingxue had cut a RM100 bank note before!!XD nice and unforgettable experience huh?

Chen Xin stick a rabbit logo at his left chest, soon every guy had one too!!Since we were going to play football on the next period, we called ourselves PlayBoy FC!XD And it brought luck for us, we won over A2 by 3-1. :)

When we returned, we saw that girls had the logos too. They even sticked on their spectacles, watches and so on. EVEN teachers had one too at their chests.hahahaha. cool neh.

By the way yesterday was Yuan Fen's birthday.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Brownie's Birthday

yeah!today was Brownie Leong Khai Cheat's birthday.haha.

His first present received today was a BEN-10 key chain given by Itik.XD

As I have expected, he laughed off with his charming usual smile and kept on asking : Who gave this?!Who gave this?!

Zhen Jie and I kept bullying the birthday boy by announcing his birthday to every passer-by which he couldn't tolerate and hide himself under the desk.

At last he received many blessings and wishes from the whole school.

I bet he had a great day today!!XD


P.S. he is a BEN-10 freak.

Neri's Farewell

Oh, it happened long time ago, but still within this week.XD

Neri, Sui Jing and Brownie came to my house to play last Sunday.Erm, did I tell you Neri that we see it as a farewell for you?haha.

Khai Cheat came first, so we played pool and Neri & Jing called up.

I taught the two young ladies how to play ping pong. They were really brilliant ( For young beginners).I always associate high pitch screaming with this group of girls. They scream and shout where ever they go. What amazed me was they could even scream while playing ping pong. hahahaha. Especially Jing.

At first 2 versus 1, then I went back to accompany lonely Brownie for pool, also giving the girls a chance to practise themselves. After Brownie left for dinner with his relatives, I played ping pong again.

Wow, they improved terribly fast. I knew they had tried their very best but still lose me. Neri was so geram that Jing kept wasting chances and lost points. However, Jing didn't know a thing about strategy and all she did is standing with eye blank.Neri thought of a new strategy : when I win points they don't count, but they count when they win. ARGH!Nice one but we stayed at the same score for long time before they win points.HAHAHA.

Later on we went swimming!XD

From that point we kept on taking photos. Jing was so desperate to jump into the swimming pool. Consequently, she injured her knee.XP

The water was very cold and icy. I wondered how Jing could withstand it. I stood by the pool side, watching the cold water but no courage to step onto it.

About 9pm we went to R.U. to eat our dinner-supper. I was starving but Jing still had the mood to do homework on my desk. Mind you, actually girls and Neri & Jing can swallow a horse when they are really starving.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Teachers of 5SA1 - Part 2

Well, today I just want to talk about our new moral teacher, Pn Tan Pei San ( I am not sure if I spelt her name correctly.)

SO what special about her??From the first sight I saw her stepping into 5SA1, I got an odd feeling. As Sui Jing said, she is pretty, yet short and weird. Her hair, I don't know how to describe, er, just like expanded, between the hair got some air, so the hair won't really like falling close to the head, especially hair behind. Aha, just like the hair style of female character in 《爱就宅在一起》.

Her voice is super high pitch. And her face expression. OMG, she always smile so broadly and it is literary grinning from ear to ear lol. Her smile has some wickedness in it, like laughing at you because you have been chosen to answer her question.

I was the first one to be called up by her to answer question

Why??It was because I was playing some kindergarten children games with Chen Xin while she asked us to read one passage. We sat so far corner to the back door there and amazingly she could heard us. Wow, she might have very good pair of ears.

Expectedly, she wouldn't let me answer the question correctly. I had to stand til the period was over.

She is considered a good teacher based on her teaching method. Maybe it is because we are sitting for SPM this year so the teachers are more strict and exam-orientated. I have confidence in Moral exam now =)

How is she weird? One way is because she behaves like little young lady I think. I don't know what's Sui Jing's answer for this. She is actually a married woman and has children.

The most interesting part is she is actually very open minded. In today's lesson, we learnt the nilai 'Bertanggungjawab', the topic was on how to plan your career and hold your future. Some guys' ambition is to be a obstetrician. So she explained : "A doctor like obstetrician is very stressful and it's not an easy job. They have to be 24 hours on call, can't go vacation, they must rush to hospital although is halfway having meals, they have to be there even though they are sleeping well and dreaming in the midnight or in the middle of ... (On this point we all understood what she is referring, not suitable for kids below 18.)" The whole class bursted into laughter for 5 minutes.

Another story I heard from Su Mei was she advised her class :" Why you all want to do that thing at such a young age?Doing that so fast is not enjoyable. Doing on the day you married is so exciting(才爽ma)." -.- cool neh, I like this.XD

Don't get stunned, I am perfectly sure that she teaches MORAL in our class.

Looking forward to another suprising and informative talk from her. =)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

1st Week of School

Wow, we have been going through the first week of school for 2011 and I just celebrated my mum's birthday yesterday.

First week of school, a relax and pleasant one.

We have no tenth period, no even one science subject lesson, and of cause, no Pn Malathee.

Everyday at least contained 4 free periods, we idled all the time we had by reading novels and chatting. After the third day, we finally broke the silence which reigned awkwardly for the previous days, probably we hadn't mix up yet or the side effects of keeping our mouths shut for 2 months. On friday, we made noise.XD

I started to realise that I should not wait for the environment to fit into me. I must change to fit into the environment.

It had been a happy week for me except a disaster struck on last Tuesday. I went to swim on the extremely cold pool. I left my goggle at the pool side and I just walked away like that. On my mind I kept assuring myself that I had taken it back. So 2 days had passed. I suddenly thought of it and rummaged my whole little house for it. That was how I realised I had lost it. Of cause it was not there the place where I left it. ARGH!!I yell now to all universe to whoever took it no matter animal, plant, human or ghost, please return it to me!It is a black one with 500 power!Such high power goggle is useless for you!!

By the way I will go and check the CCTV on next Tuesday since I was so busy. Grrrr, don't say 'catch me if you can' as I will definitely sort you out!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Teachers of 5SA1

Huh, sadly to announce that we failed to let Pn Ooi Lay Seik teach us both Add math and Mordern Math. What a sad case for us. I really like her and her teaching method.

How about other teachers?

BREAKING NEWS: Our form teacher and English teacher Pn Malathee was admitted to hospital in Kepala Batas now after she met an accident on the first day of school. According to our source, Pn Chuah Chiao Yen, her Proton Waja was hitted by another car. My fellow classmates, do not be worried.She has no physical injuries but just internal injury. You may draw and make cards for her, pass it to Jingxue, Top Fan of Pn Malathee, as he will visit her EVERYDAY. However, I reckon that she will be rather happy and cheerful if Yeap Khai Sheng, her favourite, step into her ward. We do not know when she will be discharged. Some of the girls hope they can see her soon because they miss her so much, especially "snacks", who keep yelling in class.(hahahahahahaha)

Okay, our BM teacher is the same, Pn Chuah Chiao Yen who always act young and cute. She changed her hairstyle this year, no more tying up a pony tail. Although the same teacher, she runs a new teaching method. Still very strange for me because she adds a lot of copy and paperwork. I used to hang my legs and made jokes of her each BM classes last year. Perharps it's the new way she found to keep my hand working and my mouth shutting. However, today's proven she was wrong, my hand and mouth can function perfectly well and organised together.XD

Our Chinese teacher.Oh, I miss Mr Tan Fee Meng so so so so so much. His soft and nice voice, always my motivation to stay in his lessons. He is one of my favourite chinese teachers. Maybe it's because chinese teachers often speak standard chinese pronunciation.haha. Mr Tan is different, his voice can captivate students attention, make you interested on the text. Most importantly, he doesn't ever give us HOMEWORK! He himself is a antihomeworknist. This year, we have Pn Khee. On the contrary, she dumps a freaking lot of homework to us. I know it's for our own good, but it's too much for us exam students. I like her teaching method too, although lack of the soft and unique voice like Mr Tan. She focuses on literature, not exam oriental. =) The first passage she gave us was written by 史铁生 aka Station (we gave him his English name, the son of 史蒂文生,Stevenson, the inventor of train.hahax)XD Well, I do heard of him.

Well, this post is to be continued...

Monday, 3 January 2011

First Day of School 2011

One word : Sucks.

I am not keen to use that word to describe my first day, but it's true. Am I too looking forward for today? I hope I can have a good start for this year, as the Chinese proverb says a good start indicates 50 percent of success.

About 6.30am I reached our class 5SA1 on the fourth floor. Mama Mia!!No more good and strategic place for me!I thought I was early. A mountain is higher than a hill. So I sat with Jingxue at the left back corner of the class,with Chen Xin and Joshua in front of us. If you google earth the class plan, you can find that the centre of class is seated by immigrants from other classes. We local are forced to spilt and separated to the front, back and sides.

5SA1 is not the same anymore. It's not that I despise immigrants or I don't welcome them. They did well last year and they are deserved to be in this class. Just many of them we do not know and feel a bit strange. Last year was not like that, the first day of school we had a happy day and felt so warm to be together in one class.

Maybe I need to take time to get use of it.

Pn.Malathee is our form teacher and english teacher again. Four of us joked and laughed a lot like usual english lessons last year we had. Class commitee was chosen.

Perharps I still can't get use to the new environment, I was a little bit rebellious and superb talkative in class.haha.Maybe Jingxue also cannot bear it, he was so weary because he just came back from Pantai Kerachut. I will try to calm myself down and speak lesser, as my talkativeness will annoy somebody I think,also fulfilling my promise to someone to be humble down.

I really hope I can be more serious this year and focus on study. I admit I was not in the state to start study, not ready for school. Today's karangan I no mood to write lah,someone please help me how to overcome this holiday mood laziness. I picked up slow and the moment I start to get used to it, it will be Chinese New Year Holidays again.

Well, a very extremely really strange thing happened on the last period, Add Math.

I wonder why she don't want to teach us this year and let us choose to let her teach or Pn Ooi Lay Seik. In total, she mentioned three time she don't want to teach us. She kept letting us vote who to be our Add Math teacher. Overall, Immigrants support her, Locals support Pn Ooi.

How strange?This is school man!not a tuition centre. We have absolutely the right to choose which teacher for tuition. But for school, won't this be strange? We were under Pn Ooi before, used to her style and glad with it. However not Pn Yong. We choose the best option for us of course. But in today's case, we were given option by a teacher whom herself is an option. What measures for us to choose?Who is prettier?Who is richer?


The sole reason for us as students is, who is nicer and better in teaching for our class?

Pn Yong seemed reluctant to teach our class. Phsychologically she won't make us improve although she put her efforts. It's not how good is that counts, it's where your heart and desire lies.

So, how to know and measure who is more suitable for us?

Under the influence of this strange matter and she kept asking, I blurted out :" Teacher, can we test?"

Immediately I realised I was wrong. The whole class woo me. Even Jingxue condemned me for no manners and lack of respect.

Okay, I knew I was wrong. Here I apologize to her and to the whole class. I will apologize to her personally if this really upset her. That's why I should speak lesser, think more.

Perharps she responded my request, she taught us for 10 mins before the school bell rang.

Now, who is more suitable? Today is the last day to decide and to switch. Let's see tomorrow...

P.S. This post I dedicate to whole 5SA1-ians regardless of immigrants or locals, we are the same citizens having the same rights now, I believed I voiced out the thoughts and feeling of the most people.Thank You very much.

( Here I clarify again: I don't have any discriminations towards students from other classes by refering them as Immigrants, I was one too. Those are just merely for fun.)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Tourist

Watched The Tourist on 30th of December @ Queensbay Mall.

Actually this movie caught my attention when I watched the trailer. Angelina Jolie with Jonny Depp.XD This 2 movie stars on the same stage,exciting!

The story talks about a lover of a british guy who cheated millions dollars of a gangster. She is targeted because both the gangster and the police are sure she will find and meet him somewhere. She met an american tourist on a train and from that point the adventure starts.=)

The ending is surprising and unexpectedly.Haha.Watch yourself ba.Overall my comment on this movie is nice.Worth watching. =)

Going Grandma's house for lunch now...byebye.




We are form5 students now, although still not the eldest students at school, but considered old and mature.haha.

Embracing 2011,Embracing Dreams.SPM Full A+, A Commitment.

I consider this as my theme of the year.XD

My vision and goals of year 2011 are :

1) Surrender and commit my life unto Lord Jesus Christ and let him rule sovereign in my heart.

2) Strive hard and well prepared for SPM, not neglecting my cocurriculum life.

3) Transform into a more mature person at the aspects of thinking and behaviour.

4) Have a great improvement in leadership at current position.

5) Have superior communications and interactions with people around.

6) Lead a healthy life style and stay physically strong.

7) Forget the past and embrace the future.

yo~I hope can reach my targets and live a prosperous year.

I am now planning my events and schedule for 2011,including daily routine like when's going to toilet to peep.XD Maximasing the usage of time and minimising wastage of energy.


I should have a long term strategy to conquer the field of examinations.Hence, I will import advance weapons and machines for this purpose.hahahaha.

As for relationships, hehe, continue to partner with Jingxue.XD Put aside love and complicated relationships for next few years to fulfill my dreams. I have no time for activities like that which are time and energy consuming. Many stuff should give way for SPM. :P
As for enemy and strife maker, just ignore them ba.