Monday, 23 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

It have been a long time since I post about movies. Haha. I still watch movies, but recently my mood to blog is overcame by laziness.

Yah, I just watched Spidey last friday with Wee Rock alone. I know many of you may have watched it much earlier but guess what, we watched it by RM4 per person in GSC. Yeah. Thanks to CIMB debit card, we enjoyed the buy one free one promotion.

The story line is like more or less same. A weak college boy got bitten by a spider, then his strength increases and he could climb walls. His uncle died because of him letting go a criminal. He wears a mask and goes after the criminals to take revenge. 

Even so, I like the amazing spiderman more than the previous one. This time Peter Parker is a lot more vibrant and playful, he is not that old dull boy slaving away in college any more. And he will have bruises too after a fight, showing that he is also human. 

The lizard monster reminds me a lot of the dinosaurs in Ultraman. Lol.