Friday, 1 November 2013

1st of November

So here comes another new month, exam is going to end soon, but we still have third quarter of the papers to scribble.

Day by day, I depend on His grace and mercy to sustain. I do feel down sometimes, being all alone in the dorm. However, I will quickly sing a song of worship, and my spirit knows He is near.

The interview wasn't too bad, I will continue to believe in Him, let go of every mistakes I have made. BMAT is just around the corner, I will just surrender and commit the test unto Him.

Ohya, after the end of this final battle, I shall celebrate the victory by going to the cinema for Hunger Games 2! Yeah, still remember I watched the first episode after a success as well.

I will probably go back right after exam, and come back to Subang again on 25th for Monash medical interview for both Sunway and Clayton campuses. Neri! Do give me some tips about it.

Alright! See you guys!