Friday, 7 October 2011

Steve Jobs

While the world seems to be emo for the death of Steve Jobs, I have nothing to say about it. Jing and Neri are very sad about this, so does my cousin Zhong En who is a top Apple fan.

Indeed, he was an awe-inspiring character.The past he went through, the events he muddled through, are facinating enough, just like what he said in his speech 6 years ago. I need not to repeat the content of his speech again, just click the "play" triangle and listen attentively by yourself. This is the speech I mentioned on my post titled "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" the other day.

I can't help to notice that, of all the great successful people in the world follows a pattern :

Not-so-nice childhood /Lives in poverty/ambitious/ - by all means they enter university - by whatever reasons they DROP OUT FROM UNIVERSITY - some years later - SUCCESS

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook and so on.

I have been directionless and uncertain of my future.When I am typing this, I think over it on my own. Yea, I am quite ambitious and poor~ Ya, I am struggling to get good results to enter tertiary education~... ...


The needle of my life compass stop yawing and stays still finally! A scorching fire ignited in my heart, I know what to do next, after I get into university.


I have not been so motivated, since the trials ended I was frittering  away all the time and couldn't get a new start. Here I am, ready to strive again! yeah!

Ha ha ha.Lame people like me need lame reasons to fuel up.

Alright, back to the speech. He said something like he recovered from cancer and he hoped he can live for some decades. It was 6 years back. When you heard that you will definitely feel something. Perharps on the spot the audience and he himself really truly believed he would live longer. However, no one can foresee the future.

Before that he said for the past 23 years when he woke up in the morning he looked into the mirror and asked himself :" If today was the last day of my life, what I want to do, what am I about to do, today." Did he ever ask this question the morning he died? How did he feel?When he was facing the real death and the last day for his life? We might think this is a nice and inspirational quote, but deep in our mind true enough we know we still have tomorrow. We will still procrastinate. I think, he would never know that was his last day, no one will know he or she is going to die, unless 1 hour before death knocks on the door for some cases.

Steve Jobs :" Stay hungry,stay foolish.I have always wish that for myself.And now, as you graduate to begin a new life, I wish that for you, 'stay hungry, stay foolish'."

Yeah, I guess we are considered about to graduate too. So before you begin your new life after graduation, I wish that for you too : STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH.

Press on.XD