Saturday, 28 February 2009

As you all can see, there is one blog called Not So Funneh People was created. Their

main mission is to make The 3Musketeerz go down. But it will never happen. xP At least

musketeerz know how to joke more than nerding at home.

I shall now make this blog be alive once again. =D


The 3musketeerz

What are musketeerz?musketeerz are make up from the alphabets m-u-s-k-e-t-e-e-r-z.

Who are musketeerz?still got who?of coz is the three leng zai,handsome and adorable little Matthew,teenage Jeffrey and brother YanYi.

After so many years we serve the country,finally we built up our name, and recognised by all nations.It is so happy and proud we got our identity.Here Now,

Matthew,Jeffrey and YanYi

proudly present


Lame is our principle.

Justice is our character.

Loyalty is our spirit.

Taunt is our weapon.

Kindness is our behaviour.

'Sweat' is our slogan.

'From the back' is our aim.

-.-" is our symbol.

XD is our face.

And the most geng wan!!!

Irresponsible is our Responsibility!!!

Jeffrey seems like not so happy with the last wan:(

But Yanyi like it very much,hahaha!

-The 3Musketeerz-