Sunday, 22 December 2013


3 days more to Christmas! Do I sound excited enough? What am I thinking. It is hard to put it into words. I am contemplating while I am writing this.

Surely Christmas is worth celebrating. We are to commemorate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. Admittedly the feeling is getting numb, like it has become a routine. Am I in some sort of spiritual dryness now? This feeling has been started to haunt me since I came back here to the comfort zone, where every meal is taken care of and there is nothing to busy with. I sleep a lot, but every time I wake up I feel weary. I take naps, still I am thinking to bed a few hours later. I guess it's too much sleep itself that causes me the fatigue. Apart from that, I am less disciplined, I am reluctant to get out of bed when it is the time. Feel ashamed to say, I shorten my devotion time.

Well, I must bear in mind the true meaning of Christmas. Celebrate it with the joy from the bottom of the heart, not just singing carols for the sake of singing it. And the same goes with attending church, I believe many Christians attend worship service every Sunday out of routine, judging by the expression of their faces. Don't misunderstand me, I am not judging, for there is no condemnation in Christ. I am just reminding ourselves, expect something in church services, worship the Lord with our hearts. For we serve a living and mighty God, He deserves our best and He longs to hold us close.

Enough preaching. Ha.

The Christmas tree is not set up in my house this year, perhaps we have more shoes to place so there is no space left outside. Since young I like to imagine the snowy night of silent night, so serene and tranquil and peaceful. We have no snow here, but I would like to feel that warmth from the fireplace every year this time, watching movies featuring Christmas on TV. Speaking of this, I particularly like The Polar Express. Many of my imaginations come from that animation. When the movie ends, the clock ticks 12 times signifying it's Christmas day. Phone vibrates and vibrates, blessings are sent in and out through thin air. My mind would drift back to the past, to the things that happened, to the remnants of memory. I would feel melancholic, and sometimes with a touching heart because of the movie I climb into bed.

I think this year would have many things to be remembered. However I guess I will be spending the night in a party. So silent night will not have so much silence. Haha. I am not grumbling, at least this year I try something different.

Merry Christmas! Joy to world! The Lord is come!