Friday, 27 November 2009

A week after Marathon

At a wink it is a week after the kinda tiring Marathon.

Jing Yi said she would like to take part at first but it was too far from PJ.huh~Jing Yi sorry ya, why ya there is no Petaling Bridge at your place.Nevermind, at least you can take part in Petaling Street Marathon.XD

There is not much events for me so far this holidays, not like Yan Yi, he can go outing everyday and everywhere, just not coming to my place -_______-~

Jeffrey and I have the same characteristic, you can classify us like PMR Science paper 2 No.7 under 'locked up at home'.But take note, it should be locked up at room for Jeffrey.

What shocked me this morning was, Jeffrey still not on the line at 11am. He told me that he went for gardening...

Gardening!!!!I dunno Jeffrey would lay hands at those chores. Jeffrey, you said your garden is half the forest big right?

Don't get dumbfounded, I went to his house before. The definition of forest in Jeffrey's dictionary is a squre feet place with 2 trees in it.So half the forest mean he has a tree in front of his house.

Well, enough Jeffrey-ing. My brother Mark was supposed to be in Hong Kong now to have a date with his dearest. Just before he checked in at Bayan Lepas Airport, the officer told him his passport was considered expired because there was 3months left to expiry date.

Now we are racing. Last month I went alone to PJ to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday. He wanted to go Hong Kong alone to date but fail.XD

Next year I'll go to the moon alone to celebrate Mooncake Festival.=)