Thursday, 21 July 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Yo!so sorry for not crapping something here for quite a long time. I realised that I have been posting about movie critics ( actually just some comments -__-) thrice in a row. If this trend continues, this blog will turn into some professional movie critics blog one day.haha.

YEAH, I watched Harry Potter 7 part 2 yesterday 4.40pm, while others were possibly busy preparing for the Chemistry Quiz. Crazy right? This is me.XD

Still in vivid memory that I watched Part 1 with Itik, Sabun, Jit Ming, Brownie and etc. on the last day of school last year, also Itik's birthday eve. Feeling troubled just to think that the holiday mood is so far away from us now. What lies ahead is SPM, the burden is the heaviest to bear so far in my 17 years of life. In addition to it, SPM is just the first of all kind of challenges waiting for us out there.

Okaayyy~~come back to Hairy.XD

As you all know, this movie is the last of the epic. It took 10 years for the movies to be screened, so did the novels. I will skip the intro part since you all must have read N times on newspapers.

Make no mistake - this final movie displays big battles and full use of magic in the magical world, comparing to the previous movies. I have been ancitipating how the wizard war will look like and how the movie will present the final battle between Hairy and Voldemort.

All in all, it is quite nice for me. I think it would be exceptionally nice to those who don't read the novels. I read the novels for N times, so when I walked in the cinema to watch the movie, I was like rewatching it again. I know the outcome and what will happen next. You may be touched by some scenes of the movie, like the friendship of the trio;or feel sad that Hairy should die at last:even pity Severus Snape and marvel at his love towards Lily Potter.

But~I felt nothing at all. I know it is a happy ending.XD

I was actually guessing what scenes come next in the movie. Hahaha. I know the plot so well, I can even remember the dialog. However, quite a few times I missed. Why? The movie changes some of the plots. zzz.

My sister said the pace was so fast and she hardly digest the movie. All the things going on is actually happened in a year in the novel, but you feel like they settled all in 1 day.

The battle between Hairy and Voldemort is described plainly and simple in the novel. I am glad to see that the movie has so many cool and exciting dueling between them. However what the movie lacks is the feeling. The movie can't show to you the inner conflict of Hairy and the strong bond of love, it is just a magnificent fireworks show reflecting on your retinas.

Well, if you are interested, read the novels from 1 to 7, you will find it wonderful and touching, I assure you.=)

"Hogwarts will always give help to those who seek for it."

"The last enemy shall be destroyed is death."