Sunday, 16 August 2009

Two Weeks Before Trial Exam

If I am not week is holiday (probably not,cause schooling kids are very sensitive to holidays). Still remember what I was doing during this period of time, fooling around with Yan Yi. Jeffrey was not joining us of coz...he was so busy with his PREFECT STUFF and too noble to fool with us.XD

Our main aim everyday was tailing behind Jeffrey when he was on duty. Obeserve clearly how he pimping. Usually he would have a little romantic stroll with at least a girl at the bicycle place.


Jeffrey walked with his fantastic catwalk.XD Actually I think that is the casual type of Ninja walk(like walking on a invisble string), am I right Jeffrey?? He is always practising shinobi. Or maybe he knew it was us-Yanyi and Matthew who he was dealing with?So he made precautions just in case.haha

Next time when meet Jeff in the skul, see how wonderful he walk. Maybe should ask him to stand out and show off during perhimpunan.

Enough for Jeffrey...given him too much face d for writing of him for half page.

So two weeks before trial, I am still blogging with no anxiety.Haha~

People around me are all suddenly become very solemn. Seems like juz the hyper boy and me are still having jokes. If it were Yan Yi he would also stop joking and concentrate to nerd.XD

I am still busy with project. The last one I hope. Chinese project,need to write lot of stuffs. But I am enjoying every moment I experience okay,no matter it would be happy, sad, bullied, jokes, rejected, teased, provoked or even hated.

Tomorrow I need to start another common week again, though I hope it could be uncommon.

Good luck again to Jeffrey and Yan Yi for your trials~

And also Liyen, Soo Yin, Wen Qi, Yiting, Abi, Xian(yi sou), JJ and more.

Happy Trials

Matthew~in love,am I?

Jeff get shocked becoz he thought I am in love with him.xD