Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival!!!!

Now here is raining cats and dogs,somemore PMR is near,the mood to play and celebrate the festival faded away.

well,three more days to PMR.Although seniors keep telling that PMR will not be a big big deal,still feel a little bit nervous.yea,of cousrse they will say so,just like everyone of us who went through UPSR,feel that UPSR was just as easy as ABC.

Three more days!!!!!
We have three more days!!!!!

Perharps I will consider to take some study leave,not to study,but to clear my mind!!!
Wish YanYi, Jeffrey, Soo Yin, Abi, Xian, JJ, Wei Yang, Zhan Hong, Liyen, WenQi, Yiting, CheeWai and Gay Han-Shea Yee, Hui Wen and gang, Wen Xian, Zhe Wei, Soo Hou, Joshua, Jing Xue, Chun Yong, Zhen Jie, Kai Cheat,Sui JIng, Jit Ming, Sim Jui,Yu Xuan,Shu Fen,Ee Theng,Tze Xuan,Apple,Turtle,Black Dog,Wen Foo,Gim Lung,Leong Bros,Wee Rock,Teik Yong and Wei Hern-Wei Xin,Wen Shion,Pei Yun and all Form3s: