Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lame Joke

Juz heard ab dis joke from my mother.Duno u all listen be4 share here.

One day,in somewhere of Malaysia,a police traffic blocked a driver coz the driver melanggar lampu merah.

Police: Eh, kamu tak nampak lampu merahkah?

Driver: Ada!!

Police: Ada? Kenapa melanggar lampu merah pula?!

Driver: Saya betul-betul nampak lampu merah, tapi saya tak nampak kamu!!!!

Give me face la, laugh a bit,although not so funny. I dunwan juz I laugh myself onli...haha. Ohya,dis post is our 51st post,in conjuction wif Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-51.Haha...


Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-51

Malaysia boleh!!
2molo is the birthday of birthday lo.


I never heard Tunku Abdul Raman shout for 7 times be4,but lucky I nOe wat he shout.HahaXD.

45minutes to 12am,no mood to count down...wan sleep le...
Here wish Malaysia Happy 51st Birthday!!!!


Went to 1u for this show with my family juz now. I went to buy tickets for this show on morning.

And the show is on 6 p.m. The starting of the show is very funny. Many hokkien proverb, which

doesnt makes any sense but very funny. The three brothers, one is jack neo. The younger

brother is the tallest, then the elder brother is shorter abit, then the eldest is the shortest. Damn

cool. Further on in the movie, is getting more touching. Lai Ming, act as their mother. She is a

caring mother. When three of her sons needs money, she took all her money which she keep

them in a container full of biscuits. But the money she gave wasnt enough for her children, then

she was so sad. Her friends tot that she have no money, but she feel sad is because she have not

enough money to help her sons. Skip skip skip, *jack neo*'s wife in the movie try to help her

family by going those small small concert to sing, so that she gets money. Then when she and her

daughter was in a car. Her daughter was on the front seat. Then the car crash. Her daughter

flew out of the car. Then then then. Duwan to say anymore. Watch it yourself. Its really very

nice. Thanks hei zel for recommending me the movie. I didnt cry. XD

Jack Neo, i am ur big fan.