Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Graduation Day Rehearsal

Prologue : I lent my KRS uniform assets to form3 because they were having backwood comp on laz saturday.They returned it to zhen jie and asked him to pass to me. Monday he didn't get it, Tuesday I absent, Wednesday is Uniform Day.

Today, I went to school with just my KRS Uni without any other badges attached to it. I counted on Zhen Jie to return to me at school. I thought of bringing a green shirt to change in case he forget to bring. However I think : If he really doesn't bring, I can blame him and ask him to give me a new set.=P

When I reached the class after climbing 8 fleet of stairs, he was absent.


So I was like a bit hysteric. Running here and there to search for extra set of badges. For your information, I am the Discipline Master of KRS, and my very own uniform was not complete. What a shame.

The result was : no found.

ARGH!! I decided to stay in class and refuse to see anyone who is KRS.

After recess, 4SA1 was asked to go in the hall to take part in the graduation day rehearsal. The whole hall just have 3 ppl who were in Uniform, and all were green. I sat beside Jingxue. Behind us were Rou Yi, Yen Fen and Wen Nee. Five of us started to chit chat.

You can talk a lot with boisterous girls.hahahaaha~

We talked from heaven and down to earth, from east fly to the west.XD

It was so fun to chat with them, a lot of laughter too. But, please repect my privacy ba, don't spread rumours, for me is nothing but I don't want to hurt pihak lain.

I told Jingxue, we were highly exposed and obvious for the teachers on stage because of our green uniform. However none of us care about it. At last, Mr. Ho gave a speech. He said he was very dissapointed for the performance of Form5, and some form4s too. Those from unit beruniform were supposed to have discipline and can behaved well.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Today, because there is a 0.01 degree celcius rise in my body temperature, I decided not to go to school. I think the polluted air and rambunctious noise will make my sickness worsen.XD

So what did I do at home? haiyo~sick already,sure is rest lah~

Don't mistaken me, I'm not taking study leave okay. I really have a fever, and the definition of fever is a rise in body temperature, that's flat.

I must rest. Though, after one hour I woke up I felt restless. -____-

As the wind blew and blew before the heavy noon rain, it blew open my chemistry book. Since it was being opened, I sat down and read.

About noon time I followed my dad to Sunway Carnival for shopping, I went to buy books while he wanted to get his Cyma watch repaired.

Later on, we went to Tesco to buy some groceries. My dad bought me a cup of peanut milk. It was fantastic, I listed it as one of my favourite drinks. =) It is a kind of milk, with peanuts blended in it.Taste sweet and you can still chew the peanuts particles. NICE~ You are full after drinking one, highly recommended to those who are on diet.

P.S. Someone asked I still got mood to go shopping ar.
Sure, of cause. haha~ although I'm SICK!

Monday, 18 October 2010


Today I was heading to E gate,the gate near school canteen after school dismissed as usual.A little bit of rush because I had KLP tuition later on 2.30pm. I saw a long que from the gate, the door was closing,everyone was waiting beside the gate, some went to sit on canteen bench. Soon, the que evolved into a crowd, then a large crowd of people who use the gate everyday.

As this kind of thing happened before, probably the Jaga forgot to unlocked it, everyone was just chit chatting and while waiting for someone to open it.

Hui Wen saw me and moved to my side. She started to grumble about the gate "why is it closing?Why is no one going to find the key?" She was just like a bee, buzzing non-stop at my ears.

Finally, she suggested me to go to find the key :"Matthew, can you please go find the key?It is like no one is getting it."

I just refused to be so busy body, thinking that someone may went for it dy.

Later on, Hui Wen ordered me :" Matthew!You are a guy!Come on!Go find the key now!!"

She pulled me up from the bench and pushed me out from the canteen. -____-

So I went to find Mr.Ho, PK Hem of the school. Legend says that he has the key. Unfortunately, he was not in. So I asked Pn Chia instead. She asked me to walked over to another office and ask the clerk to phone the jaga. I did what as she told. The clerk made a call and said the guard was out for lunch. =( I went back to see Pn Chia again and told her Mr Ho has the key. She walked into his room and searched for the key. She got it, but lazy to walk to the gate. Hence, she asked a clerk to do the job.

When I followed the clerk stepped out from the office, guess what I saw??

The crowd was gone. The door was opened.

That time I was like wanting to pull my ears, bang my head and cry.

Later I heard my aunty said she saw a guy with white shirt and pants (Form6) opened it, but saw no key in his hand.


The door wasn't lock!!It was just closing.

WHAT THE HEAVEN!!(it is supposed to be what the hell, but as a Christian, ought to be like this XD)

Because of the girl who stood there doing nothing, everyone thought it was locked!! How silly were us!

THINK!We can learn a lesson from this ... ...

TRY THIS!Lift your head and gaze at the top of a building for 15 minutes on a busy street.When you look around after that, you will see many people stand there and look up too.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Education Fair

I discovered so much in our school's education fair, which held today at our school hall.=)

Jingxue wants to study abroad in Japan (wow!),Itik wanna be a forensic ( Probably watch too much CSI, I doubted if she can), Wei Qi and Chen Xin want to study Pharmacies, Khai Cheat likes Art Designs, Zhen Jie goes for Civil Engineering, Sui Jing intends to study Medic... ...

Education fair was like a dream factory (it's not necessary to be Pixar or Disneyland :D), producing and modifying our dreams. Many of us started to think about the future, which course am I interested? What can I be after graduated? Unfortunately, what we dream of now are very very different from which we dreamed of when we were small (standard deviation = 10).

I wanted to be a policeman last time, under the influence of Hong Kong show 'ICAC'.haha. After reading too much Sci-fi, I hope I can be a sciencetist. Later on, my mum brainwashed me to be a doctor. I think I will go for medic first, then pyscho specialist.XD Why??I hope I can read my patients' mind, so I can give them medicine without asking them.Hmmm, this can save a lot of time and work. (Lame excuse.... -______-)

This morning an interesting incident happened.=) When we finished asking abt for forensic courses, Chen Xin, Itik, Wei Qi, Angie and me went to next counter, Monash University. That woman really dull, lack of passion on her job. When we sat down, she started:"You must first study pre-U first." Pointing all pre-U courses by using her pen on a catalogue. She was like thrusting her pen leh, showing bored expression. After making several holes on the catalogue, she asked us with sleepy plus a little bit restless tone :" Know what is pre-U courses?".I was annoyed by her attitude, thinking whether want to poke fun at her...

She started to throw questions at us:" Do you know what is A level?What is STPM?What is canadian XXX, what is Australian year 12?What is bla bla bla?" Of course, with a tone talking to a ask-too-much-questions-5-year-old-kid. This time, I was determined to oppose her by all means.Grrrr~what kind of promoter was that??

I said :" A level?who don't know?STPM?Our school also got lah, why should we go Sunway Uni for the course?!By the way why the pre-U courses are all at Sunway University?"

She answered:" It is because our campus is situated beside Sunway, and our campus doen't offer
pre-U course, but you must have it before taking any course here."


Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

I opposed everything she said...

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

She started to get irritated...

" Hey, your banner here stated Monash University is one of the top 50 in the world, true ar?"

"That's for last year, our new banner haven't come out yet."

"Huh, then what's the ranking for this year?"



I try hard not to blurt out foul words, really hard.

bla bla bla bla bla bla

She can't stand it anymore :" Why don't you be a DJ when you grow up?I swear I won't listen to whatever fm you are working at."

She introduced me a lot of courses like communications and psychology =.=

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I see the sun smiles

haha~do you believe that??

Actually the sun is always smiling, just you don't seem to notice it.Why?It is because we are told not to gaze at the sun with our naked eyes!!hahahahaha~

Yeah~I see the sun smiles! While I am going to school; while I am wandering around leisurely; while I grab my bag and walk out of the school.

Crazy right?

Lifes are full of happy events that you are fond of, and of course, catastrophic incidents which won't please you much!

However, whatever happen in this little world, the sun still show his amiable smile everyday, despite what you are going through.

It maybe your best friend's birthday, you values him so much and made a DIY birthday card for him.

Perharps one day your friend hurt you so much deep in your heart and feelings. It juz happened so fast that you couldn't accept or believe it. The pain is unbearable, your tears is drowning Penang...I am here for you,right here waiting for you.

You are leaving the place where you have all of your best friends...
How happy were the days ; how much you miss them...
But please get going and go on...they definitely miss you too but they want you to be bold and enjoy your life too.

Ah~these are called lifes.

Without obstacles, how can you enjoy the joy when you overcome it??

Without horrendous rain, there is no beautiful rainbow.

Come, lift up your head, be brave to look at the Sun!!He is smiling to you!

When your heart smiles ; the sun smiles.

P.S. I wonder why I post this -________- wakaka

Friday, 8 October 2010

Steamboat Dinner

Yesterday we crossed over the sea to Penang just to have a steamboat dinner...

Why choose yesterday?it was all because the two little woman,one shorter one taller,one fatter one thinner.Su Mei & Hui Wen. They asked us to follow them and accompanied them. Don't you think they are so good, they just felt that it would be safer with guys.hahaha~just joking.

We agreed to meet at Jetty at 3.30pm. When Jingxue, Yi Chian and me reached the upper level of the jetty, we found no one. So we started to grumble : girls are not punctuate, girls are so late bla bla bla bla~ Den Hui Wen called Yi Chian, Yi Chian told her we had reached. She answered ok. We continued to wait,but saw no one. About 15 mins later, we became so restless, a ferry had reached the port, the passengers all descended from the ferry. We began to curse them (actually juz grumbling,haha). 5 mins later, Hui Wen called again, saying they reached there long time ago dy and asked where we were. We were so shocked, we thought they already aboarded the ferry, we ran towards the gate but it was closed. When we turned back,we saw them both.One tall and one short figure, were extremely recongisable.

Before we said hi, they started to scold us. "why you all so late one?? We have been waiting downstairs for 30 mins"

The truth was,we were grumbling them upstairs, they were scolding us downstairs.

We reached there by a small stroll after taking bus to Komtar. It was early and we were absolutely the first customers of the day.XD

During the 3 hours dinner, many funny things could be happened when 2 crazy girls and 3 mad guys. Jingxue and I were trying to fry eggs there. We succeeded!Mine was prettier than his.=)

I wonder why Hui Wen likes so much La La.zzz.

ohya~the songs they played there were really cool~all were emo songs like 'my heart will go on'. Su Mei juz couldn't control herself and started to dance with the rhythm.

We ate non stoply. Our goals were to finish every food there to make our RM 18.90 worth enough.hahahaha~

5 of us were really enjoyed yesterday~for more photos please visit my facebook profile.Thank You.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good Bye Neri

Today you are going back to Australia right Neri??I supposed you should be reaching there now.

Don't be too sad lah, you are leaving us, but your friends there are welcoming back you back. =)

We have been good friends last year, this year also, forever will be.

Just move on and don't look back.^ ^

Btw you will be coming back at December, just one more month to muddle. haha~

Life goes on.

Good bye.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's October!

October seems to follow September with indecent haste...

2010 is approaching the end...

Am I too pessimistic?

Next week the form3s will be having their PMR exams,memories start to flash back like slides. We were just exactly like them, nervous, panic, fear and perharps some anticipation? huh~

Next week will be a tough week for them, but once over, they are freed, just like the time we had. I remembered my life after PMR was a lot busier than before the exam. All sorts of experience and activities...sandcastle competition, frisbee competition, RIMUP etc. And of cause year end KRS training camp and orientation. ^.^

I miss form3!!!

I mean it.

Dunno why suddenly feel so down at this lonely night. It's 10:43pm now. I am all alone in front of my desk...

Future seems unreachable.

Just one more year...we'll be facing SPM.

The life after SPM remains blank in my mind, I dun dare to dream of it. Departing from friends??Studying abroad?? They say we'll come to a junction of's there a U-turn to take??or reverse?

Ouhh,I am thinking too much I think.haha~

Maybe It is the influence of being alone.ha. u know I love crowds and company and laughter of cause. XD

Just hope dat we can still be best friends like before, no matter wad happens,even one day we'll go for different directions. When you need help, always count on me.=)

Alright!stop worrying are supposed to be jokey and optimistic. (perharps u will have such sadness after having so much fun and joy.haha~)

Live life to the fullest!

Stop!Ready!Get Set!GO!!

P.S. : here I wish all form3s all the best in next week PMR!