Thursday, 5 November 2009

Paintball Competition 2009

Yea, I went for the paintball competition today...

The feeling was like playing real life counter strike ( Of coz...)

It rained early in the morning. The war zone was so wet and everywhere was mud. We purposely wore our oldest and ready-to-throw clothes because we thought that the paint was unwashable. But when we arrived, the organizer told us that the pellets were water-soluble and non-stainning. We got ourselves with mud instead of paint ( I got no paint on my clothes because as you knew I am so pro that I didn't got any shots.XD )

The weather was so bad, thick clouds and keep raining. However, the excitement did not washed away by the rain. We played 6 games and it was 3mins per game. I went for two games and shot pinned one off.

Actually I was very frighten at first, more or less you would get blue black if you were hit by the pellets. The pain would be unbearable and even worst if your knuckles or necks were hit.

At last a team from our school grabbed the third place, we failed to accomplish our aim : get the champion so that this year all the champions of the three events organised by Inti College are ours.


Actually I trained hard yesterday, before the competition. Staying a few hours in front of computer, playing counter-strike. I was very well and pro yesterday, but all gone wrong today... ... someone tell me why ... ...

- G.I.Joe -